Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Chinese name

To be quite honest, I've never really checked what my given names meant, and only idly wondered a few times when I have been asked.


许 xǔ
English Definition: allow promise praise

佩 pèi
English Definition: wear
3.jade pendants

怡 yí
English Definition:
1.happy; cheerful; joyful


What does it translate to then?

"To promise admirable joy" ??
"A promise of joy" ?
(Since I'm *wearing* it and all that)

*tah hah hah hah hah*

Okay well, not quite.

I like the whole "wearing" and "owning" being joyous. And peaceful.
Its a good name, I now know.
Me mommy and daddy wants me to be happy.

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meatbag said...

Eh love this post lor. Love how deep Chinese names can get.

This is mine:

林 (lin)= forest, grove, thicket, wood
方(fang) = square, a direction, short for a cubic meter,one of several sides or parties
胜 (sheng) = to win, to trump, a victory, a success to outshine, to surpass, a place of natural beauty

So what does it mean??

I'm a forest that shows a direction to success?
I'm a wooden square that's a place of natural beauty?

Haha. Though i love the character for Shean lor, it just is so powerful! RAWR