Monday, June 21, 2010

Bye Pudu Jail

I did not apply for a single job last weekend.

I was bad. :(

*Bad, lazy Puiyee! BAD!*

On another thought, Pudu Jail is apparently going down tonight (probably is in the midst of being demolished already as we speak). I only feel a bit sorry because I spent my memorable primary school years in its vicinity only to watch the surrounding areas change and transform with shocking speed and brutal efficiency ...all in the name of development.

The monorail and Berjaya Times Square wasn't even there when I went to school there. The building across our school was called Shaw Parade, and we used to go to the McDs on the ground floor there before computer classes. That main road separating our school from McDs was where I learnt to cross roads safely. Bukit Bintang Girl School existed when I was a kid, and I could see it from my mum's office when she worked in KL Plaza.

These days I barely recognise the entire area. The Pandan roundabout was no more to start with. I wouldn't know how to go to Jln Loke Yew if you ask me these days. Jalan Peel, Jalan Cochrane, Jalan Tambi Dollah and Jalan Changkat Jering remain only names from my childhood.

And today another landmark will be physically removed from us.

Development, the evil word, huh?

Source:Pudu Jail

But not from my memories.

Those are good. Those remain treasured.

Friday, June 18, 2010



Yes, I'm screaming at myself. That's right.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Weirdos abound

Confession: I FaceStalk.

A lot.

It pleases me immensely to log on in the mornings (after a 12-hour hiatus) to check on people's not just status messages, but posted items/links, changes, photos, events, etc.

I'm born nosy. I blame momma and dadda.

Maybe it's my Asian genes?


Point is, there is quite a few people who I FaceStalk especially simply because they post constantly and they're a laugh. They run the gamut - from being plain stupid to plain vain to simply unbelievably retarded (but believes otherwise).

I enjoy. A LOT! :D

Same reason why I read blogs written by an unnamed American-wise-guy-former-'expat'-in-Singapore-who-had-a-row-with-Xiaxue. Because some people are truly unbelieable, y'know? Plagiarism! Nicking ideas off other people! Stating the obvious! Viewing the world in one dimension!

Now...I'm not saying I'm not a weirdo/retard/vainpot myself. I am. I just happen to have a bit more self-awareness.

Siapa makan cili, dia terasa pedas lah, ya?
*If you eat spice, you'll feel the heat*

Otherwise, don't be perasan lah!

Trying to reflect the mean karma with a mirror as I type

Monday, June 14, 2010

Holiday booked

Well, not a holiday per se, more like a weekend getaway to Bruges, Belgium.

8 July
Sheffield --> Hull (train)
Hull --> Zeebrugge (overnight ferry)

9 July
Arrive in Zeebrugge --> Transfer to Bruges on coach
Explore city and check in hotel

10 July
Explore city
Evening coach from Bruges to Zeebrugge
Zeebrugge --> Hull

11 July
Hull --> Sheffield

Fingers crossed!

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Twelve months today!

For posterity's sake (I'm really usually not this sentimental *cough*) -

And regrettably, we're not going to do anything "special"...well, because it's middle of the week, he's at home and we do plenty special things together anyway *wink*.

I mean, we do plenty of walks, meals, shopping, visiting, films...

Couple of things on the pipeline though: Maybe a 2-person BBQ in a park this weekend if the weather permits and/or a Japanese meal.

Love ya, you shmelly poo

Monday, June 07, 2010

Hunger and karipap

My stomach's been growling and grumbling for a while now. It's 11.53am and still at least half an hour before it is decent to have my lunch.

And I keep smelling curry puff (karipap to us Malaysians lah ya...) even though I think it's just the reduced continental loafs in my drawer (18p for 4!).

I'm thinking of Bruges or Amsterdam with the boy on either the 18th or 25th weekend.

We went to Leeds last Saturday but it was too warm and bright and sunshiny to do too much.

I cooked lamb shanks yesterday.

And I'd do many many things for one of these gems preferably with a piece of boiled egg and many chicken chunks inside:


Oh mak aku...

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Delivery boy

Last night my housemate's Tesco delivery order arrived.

She was on the phone upstairs and her boyfriend was cleaning the toilet and trailing bleach.

I opened the door, greeted the guy, he looked at me, and was obviously taken in.

Small talks, passing around products ensued.

Tickles me to know I still *have it* despite being in an oversized uni hoodie.

*Pats back, me*

An entirely syiok sendiri post

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Don't know now

What do you do, when you know someone close is walking down the other path?

That it's a road of no-return, and their mindset, beliefs and faith, will all be so irrevocably different, so opposing and opposed of yours?

That the very core, essence, nature of your friendship, of the trust and love you placed on it, will have to change?

I've lost so much, and I'm losing this one more.

Feels like one more reason to hate.