Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Don't know now

What do you do, when you know someone close is walking down the other path?

That it's a road of no-return, and their mindset, beliefs and faith, will all be so irrevocably different, so opposing and opposed of yours?

That the very core, essence, nature of your friendship, of the trust and love you placed on it, will have to change?

I've lost so much, and I'm losing this one more.

Feels like one more reason to hate.

1 comment:

gianne said...

you're being silly.

have i stopped being your friend, despite our differences in opinions and thoughts? such is evident, when we were in sabah.

will you trust me less? love me less? if you do so, then it would only be on your side. but i hope you wouldn't... i refuse to believe that the core and essence of our friendship is that shallow.

you know ME; other people may label me, and i wouldn't give them a flying fuck... but you know ME, and if you do that to me, how do you think i will feel?