Thursday, June 17, 2010

Weirdos abound

Confession: I FaceStalk.

A lot.

It pleases me immensely to log on in the mornings (after a 12-hour hiatus) to check on people's not just status messages, but posted items/links, changes, photos, events, etc.

I'm born nosy. I blame momma and dadda.

Maybe it's my Asian genes?


Point is, there is quite a few people who I FaceStalk especially simply because they post constantly and they're a laugh. They run the gamut - from being plain stupid to plain vain to simply unbelievably retarded (but believes otherwise).

I enjoy. A LOT! :D

Same reason why I read blogs written by an unnamed American-wise-guy-former-'expat'-in-Singapore-who-had-a-row-with-Xiaxue. Because some people are truly unbelieable, y'know? Plagiarism! Nicking ideas off other people! Stating the obvious! Viewing the world in one dimension!

Now...I'm not saying I'm not a weirdo/retard/vainpot myself. I am. I just happen to have a bit more self-awareness.

Siapa makan cili, dia terasa pedas lah, ya?
*If you eat spice, you'll feel the heat*

Otherwise, don't be perasan lah!

Trying to reflect the mean karma with a mirror as I type

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