Monday, June 21, 2010

Bye Pudu Jail

I did not apply for a single job last weekend.

I was bad. :(

*Bad, lazy Puiyee! BAD!*

On another thought, Pudu Jail is apparently going down tonight (probably is in the midst of being demolished already as we speak). I only feel a bit sorry because I spent my memorable primary school years in its vicinity only to watch the surrounding areas change and transform with shocking speed and brutal efficiency ...all in the name of development.

The monorail and Berjaya Times Square wasn't even there when I went to school there. The building across our school was called Shaw Parade, and we used to go to the McDs on the ground floor there before computer classes. That main road separating our school from McDs was where I learnt to cross roads safely. Bukit Bintang Girl School existed when I was a kid, and I could see it from my mum's office when she worked in KL Plaza.

These days I barely recognise the entire area. The Pandan roundabout was no more to start with. I wouldn't know how to go to Jln Loke Yew if you ask me these days. Jalan Peel, Jalan Cochrane, Jalan Tambi Dollah and Jalan Changkat Jering remain only names from my childhood.

And today another landmark will be physically removed from us.

Development, the evil word, huh?

Source:Pudu Jail

But not from my memories.

Those are good. Those remain treasured.


p.a.u.l.y said...

the roads are changed?? damn....if i go back, i would not be able to recognise anymore >.<

puiyee said...

I know I can't! That Pandan roundabout thing is so confusing now.

p.a.u.l.y said...

did you go back recently?