Monday, February 27, 2012

Late but better than..

Last night (and Fri) if I had the ability to face a screen for hours and could muster the energy to switch on my laptop, this would've been what I'd written:

I've been having a really, REALLY sore left elbow for a couple of weeks now. The doc said I have tennis elbow (I know! I don't even play tennis!) and I can't even go back to the doc unless I start dropping things due to lack of grip/strength. I really don't want to drop things. Meanwhile, my elbow continues to be sore. On top of my sore elbow...

I have a left pink eye. I've not been the cleanest person with my contacts, but this one really bit me in the proverbial ass. My left eye was so red and swollen I was embarassed to look anyone in the eye at work. It was agony looking at my computer screen for hours at a time. And my right eye was starting to show signs of being cross-infected. I had an oozy eye for a couple of days which has now thankfully reduced to being teary and light-sensitive.

My periodic regular ulcer/canker sore attacks were back with a vengeance. I frantically applied Iglu to the ones I can reach but there's nothing I could do about the gargantuan canker sore at the tip of my uvula.

And the icing on the cake is I was also on my period.

I was a very, very happy bunny.

This bunny really wanted wants to get away from the world.

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