Saturday, September 01, 2007


Time: 12:08

I'm home from the very last class of this semester. Has it been 14 weeks already? There wasn't much time to breath; this semester was really THAT hectic and terrifying. There were so many moments when I felt like everything's sliding down a 90 degree chute and there's nothing I can do to stop it.

And then I managed to by the scruff of the neck and then hold on.

Weight loss update: At the beginning of this semester, I vowed to lose 10kg by the end of it. 14 weeks on, I'm down just that :D. In fact I've already pushed my goal to another few kgs down, but I am taking this moment to savour the pain and satisfaction of it. I feel good. Of course I do. Then again, I've gone lazy and went to the gym a lot less and I guess it'll never be enough. That I felt it's starting to pay off, but nowhere near the perfection I wanted. And to everyone who ooh and aah-ed and asked what did I was a lot of exercise, diet and willpower, y'all. There are just no secrets. I was driven to do this out of sheer desperation, mainly to fit in. I've got other intentions of course, but not all of them are good either. And I'm going to tell you one thing: If Pui Yee can do it? SO CAN YOU.

Because I'm not the most motivated, dilligent, disciplined person. And I've came pretty far, haven't I? I hope so.

The world felt at this moment like it's on my grasp, that I'm on the verge of great, exciting things, and I'm standing on a cliff, hesitating to take the plunge. And I'm paralysed by fears and uncertainties.

I should concentrate on exams. Right now all I'm worried about is my GPA. I need to maintain it so bad, so bad. *Hyperventilates*

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michellegoh said...

congrats!!!! on losing weight.. if only i had your sheer determination... how are u?? besides feeling all stressed out.. sigh.. keep in touch ya!! take care!!