Monday, December 10, 2007

Malaysia, my country.

Time: 01:11

I've all but abandoned my blog, but I can't keep quiet any longer.

I feel helpless, angry, sad, and near tears for my country.

I've been following the political news from Malaysiakini VERY closely since UMNO's AGM, the BERSIH rally on 11 Nov, and attended a Youth for Change event at the Bar Council.

I didn't learn anything I didn't know already, but it opened my eyes. I've never claimed to be "neutral" about politics, but I know a lot of people would. Latheefa Koya said, stop saying neutral, no one's neutral in politics.

Even if I decide to leave the country and live in an island, I've taken my political stand.

Instead, be "objective". Don't be apologetic for not agreeing with the government.

Azmi Sharom spoke of how the current regime changes the Constitution at their will; that he rather see a political party make clear that if they're voted in they will change the entire Constitution, than a party who claims to uphold the current constitution and yet changes it to suit their agenda.

The Hindraf rally further opened my eyes and ears. Though not all their actions are to be condoned, it reflects on the desperation, the plight and the issues faced by the Indian community.

And the rally provoked governmental actions I would not believe possible until they acted.

I knew about the Human Rights day march. And I agreed with this blogger.

How, exactly, did Malaysia celebrate it's Human Rights Day?
By arresting people marching for human rights.

"For me, this characterises a true Malaysian. A true Malaysian understands very well the impact of careless words and actions. A true Malaysian is acutely aware of who will be provoked into retaliation and who will actually suffer the consequences.

"Because of this, a true Malaysian will try to be judicious in word and deed, even when striving for change," he said.

~Abdullah Badawi (as taken from Malaysiakini)

Malaysians are retaliating against the injustice inflicted upon them by the very government they voted in, and trusted in. Yet, we suffer.

So what is the characteristics of a true PM? Stand aside and watch? Feeding lies whilst being fed with more lies? Living in your own world of denials? Don't even start on being judicious...when the constitution can be changed anytime.

AUKU, PPPA, ISA, OSA, Sedition Act. All gagging tools. State-owned media.

What's that quote again? Only when free press exist would there be true democracy?

I am sad. I am angry. I feel so helpless. Malaysians finally spoke out, only to be gagged, disempowered and denied their rights.

But I am hopeful still.

There can be a better Malaysia. There MUST be.

Malaysia can be saved, but it will start from you and me.

Do the right thing next elections; take a stand. Be objective, not "neutral".

If we don't do it...who will?


dhmn69 said...

ALL countries need to stop oppressing and allow people to speak their minds, albeit in a NON-Violent manner.

To me, "Neutral" means you don't give a damn, or don't care enough to think for yourself... so the guy is right.. be objective..have an opinion, and in a 'JUST' world.. be allowed to express said opinion publicly.

That said, obviously I'm coming from one American's point of view ;)

multidimid said...

Yes there is another restraining order and Police have warned the public against taking part in an illegal assembly planned by a group known as the Coalition for Free and Fair Elections (Bersih) outside the Parliament building tomorrow. Kuala Lumpur deputy police chief SAC (I) Patrick Jiges Sijore said police had not received any permit applications from the organisers."We will arrest and take legal action against participants of the proposed illegal gathering," he told a news conference here today.

= == = == =and for those following the Magnificent 9 who failed to complete the aborted early morning 20-min scroll down an empty street on Sunday 9 Dec, they were hauled up on Human Rights Day and charged with illegal assembly and failure to disperse whilst Edmund is for obstructing DBKL officials. All released on bail.
More details
Go H E R E
Plus a 3.24min Video Clip (with Clips within Clip) on the police aborted Peace Walk