Saturday, March 22, 2008

A bit o'progress

Time: 02:00

I'm happily reporting that I've done the content analysis, for most part. I sat myself down yesterday evening and since 3pm today, and started what I should've done weeks ago. I think all in all I spent over 10 hours staring at articles and trying to determine their slants and angles and counting paragraphs, and my eyes literally glazed over. Nonetheless...only pie charts and graphs, and honest writing to do now. Will submit the first draft soon, and then spend the next couple weeks writing and amending my final draft. My bum is numb, and my days here are numbered.

I'm counting down, winding up, tightening loose ends.
Yesh, I can smell freedom. It's so near, beckoning to me.

It is at times like this I must remember why I picked content analysis, this particular topic, my purpose of studying, my commitment and my goals. And I must dream a little of the victory that could be mine if I fight hard enough for it. I know I always play down things, because there's this innate fear that I will not live up to the mark, and perhaps I fear disappointing myself beyond anything. Afterall, it seems like I can never get what I want the way I want it. But I gotta start to believe and hope.

Joy comes to my life in quiet, unexpected ways. Sometimes they are such small things, they seem insignificant. But even a smile can make someone's day, so, why not. Being open to realms of possibilities...even to places I've never thought of going or people I've never thought of meeting...that's exciting and fun to think of. Then again, reality hits and I wonder if I'm reading too much into things. Best to keep a distance and not plunge in blindly. Right?

But I'm still a little behind in my work, and some leaps and obstacles more from being finished (Read: A LOT MORE WORK TO DO!). The FYP, my law assignment, and my pain-in-the-ass-what-a-drag-no-one-wants-to-do-it IMC assignment. Not to mention 4 more papers to sit for. But small steps to the big finalé. Just a few things on the to-do before I can hit the road for the Next Step.

Consider this a pep talk for myself. And back to the grind! (Tomorrow, that is)

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gianne said...

[because i don't want to reply on my own blog about your forgivable aspect... it'll have a better place here ;P]

your forgivable aspects?

1) i love how much you are able to feel, and your capacity to love.

2) i love the way your mind works. sometimes i'm a little afraid of your depth because i might get get lost or drown in it. (can i dissect your brainnnn????)

(in short, you're a person of great substance ;P)

3) you bring yourself so well when articulating your ideas and opinions; it's like i can feel the clouds parting and light shining through wtf

4) you... challenge me to be a better person =).

5) you're funny and quick and interesting and a supremely wonderful friend (pretty much everything, short of a worship altar XD)

6) you're like fried tofu wtf. from outside you're a strong person, and at the same time, you're vulnerable ... it's something that i find endearing.

7) okay, this is so superficial but you're Miss Vavavoom!!! lesbian lovers insist!!

(please take this list out and slap yourself with it in the case of low self-esteem okay wtf)