Thursday, March 27, 2008

My forgivable aspects

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Now that we're on the verge of leaving home...will it ever be the same when we return?

Mull over that. I cried the first time I watch it.

Gianne wrote a while back about the concept of forgivable aspects. To paraphrase her, it is a concept where....people still stick to certain sort of people, no matter how fucked up they are.
A little like "he ain't heavy, he's my brother" a person may be a fucktard but he's got friends because he's generous, loyal and a good entertainer...or she may be the biggest bitch in the world but you won't find a more honest person, either...and those are the qualities that still draw people to people. That there are 'forgivable' qualities about you that no matter how exasperating you've been, people still forgive you because of them.

Here's what Gianne left for me:

your forgivable aspects?

1) i love how much you are able to feel, and your capacity to love.

2) i love the way your mind works. sometimes i'm a little afraid of your depth because i might get get lost or drown in it. (can i dissect your brainnnn????)

(in short, you're a person of great substance ;P)

3) you bring yourself so well when articulating your ideas and opinions; it's like i can feel the clouds parting and light shining through wtf

4) you... challenge me to be a better person =).

5) you're funny and quick and interesting and a supremely wonderful friend (pretty much everything, short of a worship altar XD)

6) you're like fried tofu wtf. from outside you're a strong person, and at the same time, you're vulnerable ... it's something that i find endearing.

7) okay, this is so superficial but you're Miss Vavavoom!!! lesbian lovers insist!!

(please take this list out and slap yourself with it in the case of low self-esteem okay wtf)

Thank you, Gianne. I'm not sure if I live up to all you say, but indeed if that's what you think of me...I could live in peace with knowing I've done alright and will strive to do so continuously. So if I ever screw up, please screw me over.

What do the rest of you think?


edwin said...

Home is where the heart is.

And you're doing just fine.

Jade Dancinginthe Moonlight said...

Don't worry, things will get better.
U can change that~