Thursday, April 05, 2007

pY Masters Degree Fund

Time: 22:23

The past couple of weeks, I've been checking out universities in UK and giving my future a good, long thought.

Actually, many long thoughts, but yeah. And you know me. I love talking about myself.

I'm graduating in May next year, barring any complications. That's just slightly over one year before I enter the workforce irrevocably. But also at least I have a clue to which direction I want to bring my life to. It's slightly off the beaten track, so to speak, and of course I'm scared, cos I'll be alone and I'm expected to behave responsibly, be independent and make the right choices and decisions.

And I am 100% sure I want to earn a Masters Degree too, and most probably in International Relations/Studies from Sheffield University, UK. I've been asked, what, will that sort of Masters give me a job?

That is why I'm studying journalism and not follow my whim to major in Sociology in some shoddy institution today. I believe, no matter where I go, I will be able to become a journalist, because information is vital in our society today, and there is no lack of news for journalists to seek out.

Information is power, for pete's sake.

But, my interests have always been sociology, people and culture. Check out their International Studies programme, cos everytime I load that page my tummy goes a little warm and "bomp!" out of excitement.

I see these:

Research methods in Politics and international Relations
Global Governance
Human rights
Advanced poltical analysis
Political thoughts and the rights of War and Peace
Social and Political Change in European Democracies
Multiculturalism and Democracy
Theories of political economy
US Hagemony
Theories and Issues in International Political economy
Development politics and policy
Gender and Globalisation
War, new wars and the Liberal State
The politics of Migration

...and my heart goes thump thump thump.
(No it didn't pop! if you know what I'm referring to)

Many Human Rights Officer posts in the United Nations require a Masters in this subject as well as related humanitarian work experience.

Even if I don't enter humanitarian work, it'll enrich my career as a journalist, and as a citizen of Malaysia, and the world, to study these topics in depth. And like I told everyone, if there's anything I am good it, its that I can survive academia.

So why am I so hesitant? First, of course, the tuition fee. It now stood at UK£9,850 for the academic year of 2007/2008, set to rise in near future. Can you imagine the figures in 4-5 years' hence? Of course I'll try to exhaust every mean possible to score me a scholarship or at least, a loan. Sell my car, sell my soul, something. Anything. But I need something concrete, to save up to RM77 000 in my bank account before I can even consider flying off. And RM77 000 don't drop from the sky.

My 5-year plan is this: graduate, work at least 3 years (5 being the absolute limit), and apply.

But even if I manage to put away RM400 a month, in 3 years it'll just going to accumulate to RM14 400. Meagre, paltry sum still. That is even if I manage to save that much a month.

I'm turning 21 soon and I'm considering telling my family members instead of buying me gifts, give me cash and bank it into my account straightaway.

Yes, I'm starting Pui Yee's Masters Degree Fund right here. All support welcomed. Freelance writing job? A permanent writing/editting job that I can manage while studying full time? I'm on! I'm on I'm on I'm on!


gianne said...

Ever tried writing for r.age?

Baby Zulkiflie said...

pui yeeeee.
come do masters with me la.
that'll be so dope mmmkay?

Teddy Beh said...

sound like an interesting plan... i mean the master. good luck and gambatte! :)