Friday, April 20, 2007

work or not work?

Time: 11:08

I've always been pretty gung-ho about work and had extended my internship from April 7 to April 30.

I've had half a mind to extend it til May 20...and that thought came to a haaaaaalt this morning when I woke up at exactly 8.55am. Work starts at 9am.

Not only do I sleep at the general hours of 3-5am, I'm a wreck in the morning. I'm tired. I'm not enthusiastic. I'm unproductive. And as of this morning...I don't wanna work no more.

I'm also mulling over something so complex, I don't wanna begin to figure out how I feel. I'm pretty numb to infatuations and crushes at this point. Hard for me to even wanna fall for someone. And no way I'll do it through the Internet. True, behind the screen names are real people. But real people who're far, far away and whom I'll probably never meet. Therefore I should learn to keep a distance. Don't fall hard cos it'll be my own knees that's going to be scraped and bleed.


chenn chenn said...

yo PY...we sooo need to get a life still feeling a bit pathetic...
aih see you tmr nite for the concert ooo!! =p

gianne said...

hahah, hey, here's another unrelated post's comment:

Deadline = 22nd April 11.59pm!!!

melia said...

Funny, I don't know how to advice you on this. As a friend, my first priority is to protect you, so i would say let it go. But I do know what you're going thru. I do understand that sometimes feelings emerge from the strangest places and when you fall you fall. And it feels so real because it probably is.

But you will want more. And this situation will not provide you with more. And that's the choice you've got to make.

You'll have bigger better fishies. Just wait.