Friday, May 04, 2007

Everyday's an adventure!

Time: 12:21

I need happy pills, attitude adjustment, tolerance and a pipe tightening. And more things to do. I, Pui Yee, am no longer capable of enjoying an idle day at home without going berserk. And going berserk actually meant losing my temper, getting paranoid, sobbing and tantrum throwing.

*Hangs head*

I know. I should've just extended my industrial training some more.

Funny of all funnies though; this was what happened today.

Pui Yee (PY)
Lean Chiew (LC)
Shwu Chenn (SC)

Part I - MSN Conversation
PY: I'm bored. I wanna go out. NOW.
LC: Come to my office!
PY: Where?
LC: Taman Desa.
PY: I have no fooking idea how to go to Taman Desa. I don't even know where Taman Desa is on the map.
LC: It's near Midvalley. Why don't you go there and buy movie tickets and I'll join you after work around 6pm?
PY: Okay. I'll drive. Should be fine before after-work rush.

Part II - MSN Conversation
PY: Eh, that day the road we took to Bukit can go to Midvalley right?
PY: Okay.

Part III - On the road
Thought 1: Maybe I should use Jalan Maarof. I'm so much more familiar with it. But..there's RM1.60 toll. Federal should be fine...I know my KL road directions.
Thought 2: *On Federal Highway* Okay...I see Midvalley so I should be turning of right about.....*turns left and go gaa-gaa over the signage telling me I've missed the turning*
Thought 3:Okay, take the next should let me double back to Midvalley right? *30 seconds later* OH. Shit. Isn't this the same Seremban highway I took to Bukit Jalil? *10 minutes later, phone call to LC*

PY: Um, I'm LOST! I missed a turning! AGAIN!
LC: Shit, where are you?
PY: I'm at mosque with a sign to Desa Waterpark.
PY: I still don't. But I'm here.
LC: Okay, go to Shell station, I come direct you to my office. You can sit at a café til I finish work, then I'll direct you to Midvalley, ok? And how DID you end up here?
PY: What can I say? I saw Taman Desa and I followed its directions like a lifeline!

Part IV - One hour later.
PY: Okay, direct me to Midvalley.
LC: Take this flyover up, there's a traffic light, we can U-Turn there.
PY: *Looks at speedometer* LC, we're on Kerinchi link. Which takes us straight to my office in Section 13, PJ.
LC: Um. Is there a u-turn?
PY: NO, it's a highway.
LC: Uh, what now?
PY: I tell you what, I'll show you my office, then we go to 1Utama or The Curve and eat our Manhattan Fish Market, ok?

Epilogue: After meal, I took LC to my house to peruse some old photos, used the MRR2 to send him back to Ampang and took my dog with me as company, took Jalan Ampang all the way to Jalan Sultan Ismail out of fancy, onto Jalan Kuching and homeward bound after.

Sypnosis: And I thought I'd do some clothes/retail therapy in Midvalley waiting for LC to finish work and join me, and I ended up in Taman Desa, picking him up from his office and took another wrong turning which led us to PJ and we ended up in The Curve and instead of sending him to Kelana Jaya LRT I drove him home to Ampang and it became a joyride through the city at midnight after.

Sigh, another day in the life of Pui unable-to-be-unlost-first-time Yee.

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jacko wacko said...

haha hilarious what happen to us yesterday. dont worry. i'm another unable-to-be-unlost team member.

manhattan fish market yum~~