Wednesday, May 02, 2007

the end of another end

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I've never thought of rabbits as good pets - you can't let them roam your house and they don't really listen when you say "sit!".

Two nights ago I was walking my dogs down the next street when I saw a lump of something furry on the road. My first thought was another cat. But this one don't resemble a cat at all, so I thought, a soft toy, maybe? Or..a dead rabbit. When my dogs start sniffing, I drag them both away before they decide soft toy or rabbit meat, fur and all, is a gourmet delicacy and decide to maul it up. And last night, as I pass by the same spot, there was a big bloodstain on the road and, will ya believe it, another loose rabbit running away from my dog into a house nearby. I do not understand how rabbit owners can let loose their rabbits two days in a row when there's already one casualty.

Monday was my last day working in The Star and I haven't gotten about blogging about it, because I don't want to. I've had a last byline-less assignment at the Pos Malaysia main office and the weather to do. My dinner partner gave me a raincheck and by 7.30pm I've run out of excuses to hang out. On Sunday there were plenty people around and I left about 9pm.

So I did my rounds saying thank you and farewell to all. I've came to love that place, politics and bitches and all. I've got a lot of gratitude to the editors especially, as they're the ones who've taught me most of what I've learnt in the industry. And all the other people, for their drinks and meals and talks and advice and jokes.

And as I leave The Star, night was falling and I glanced up the building at the huge, lighted signboard on top of Menara Star. And then a sad song came onto the radio. Poignant. That was that.

I'll write more some other time I guess.

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Baby Zulkiflie said...

My last day was a very emotional one also.