Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Time: 15:19

So, I have to do this.

It's my 21st birthday tomorrow and....*drumroll* I'm not sure yet how I'm celebrating. Not sure if there's even one...I guess no alcohol's involved too. Oh well. No big deal, right? I'm going out with my friends though.

*fingers crossed*

Got back from Wen Xin's parents' house in Klang yesterday. We had homemade steamboat where there were alot, alot, alot of food. Did I say a lot? There were 7 of us girls, and food enough for a party of 10 guys. We walked in the park (her house's in Taman Botani) and it's only 30-35 minutes from here to there through LDP and Shah Alam highways.

And the next day after Bak Kut Teh, the girls surprised me with a chocolate fudge cake. I'm 21! And I'm so happy and grateful to them...thank you, thank you all of you. 10 bucks to whoever who guessed what birthday wish I made, heh. After that we came back to Kepong where they ate prawn noodles and I was bushed from the lack of sleep and the heat (it was so humid I felt heat emitting from the mattress!) so I went home.

Now I'm planning, planning, planning my trip to Bangkok. I paid RM446 for AirAsia tickets and Gianne and I are thinking to go to River Kwai and Ayutthaya for day trips so I guess we'll live in Khao San first 2-3 days as we can get buses and packages there easier and then move to Sukhumvit our last couple of days which is in the city centre to facilitate travel around Bangkok city itself since it's near their BTS. We're going to Chatuchak and the Grand Palace and Wat Pho and the Canals and Silom and a million other names I can't remember how to spell or pronounce. And to eat! Tom yam! Green Curry! Mango salad! *salivate* Okay I should do more homework to see where else I should go.

It should be fun, yeah?


gianne said...

birthday wish: I hope I will get a job that enables me to travel? XDXD

I totally can't wait to travel with you again!

Pinky said...


Teddy Beh said...

oh ayuttaya is just lovely lovely place to visit, as long as u r into all this ruined city kinda romantic ideas... yup, wise choice, u can deal good 1 day trip to ayuttaya there, and make sure your 1 day trip there include the visit to the summer palace, or the river kwai.
look like everything has been planned, so enjoy your trip! :)