Monday, June 25, 2007

Eating me up

Time: 01:21

I've been bottling up too much anger at too many people. I remembered the things they said and did, and the things they did not say and did not do.

I've been very, very angry. And sullen and stubborn.

And I've been avoiding having anything to do to resolve or undo the anger. It's become toxic. It's eating me up inside.

Maybe I should let go and forgive. I've been angry at far too many people for far too long.


Faridah said...

*sings to Pui Yee*

Be optimistic, Don't you be a grumpy, When the world gets bumpy, Just smile smile smile and be happy!

I miss you my forever cutie pie Pui Yee!

Faridah xoxo

melia said...

It doesn't pay to be angry. It takes alot more from you and it makes you bitter. And in the long run, you'll be worse off.

I get the whole turning toxic thing. That's when you hit the lowest of low. And that's when you try to revert and undo the damage done. Well, technically you can't undo it, but you there's always a way to right the wrong when you really want to be happy again.

I say, forgive and live and let live. x)