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2006. Hello.

2 Jan 2006
Time: 23:33

Hi 2006. Sigh. What a bang 2006 started with. The bang of my car boot slamming down.

Let's begin at the beginning of quite a long story I have in mind, shall we...and I promise I will try not to lose heart in the middle and quit writing.

Anyway. Last week I met up with someone..against some sort of personal policy about not meeting anyone I met on the 'net. Look, I trust nobody overmuch in the virtual world. Safety you know. Over the many do I actually *not* know 100% in entirety? This fella don't even have common friends with me on Friendster. Heck, not even 3rd degree connection. We move in seriously different circles. And I went to Midvalley and met him.

Went to Toys'R'Us to buy something for his 10-year old nephew. And I feel...gosh...these bunches of plastic thingys...they're not cheap! And they're kinda plasticky and useless and easily damaged, what the heck, these are what people call toys? What happened to solid Lego? But, I must admit, deja vu. I was overcame with these emotions, of times past. More than 10 years ago. Few times in a month, excursions to the Toys'R'Us in City Square...with mom and dad and bro. The sense of entitlement that had belonged to me. Choosing one whatever I want toy to be paid and played with without even a word of thanks. Everytime. No matter (much) the price. I can breakdown and laugh gleefully in that place, man. Or breakdown and sob. Turns out I did neither, just thinking and looking back. Don't wanna appear insane. I was so lacking in gratefulness back then...never had second thoughts about how lucky I am to have the life I was given. This much I should thank dad. Over and over again.

Then he brought me to the Bandai display of those robot models. "Are they just beautiful?" He asked. Uhm, sure. This is the one male thing I don't get. My bro quitted it years ago. Stepping on a loose piece laying around inconspiciously brings a loud yell and tears straight to your eyes, after finishing it, you place it in some corner of pride to collect dust.

And then, I went to RHB Bank in 1U yesterday New Year's Eve with Paul, the wait was terrible, we spent our time browsing shops and....guess what, we stepped into Toy'R'Us. Same toys, same smell, same sights, different locations. Straight to the Bandai display, "I have this, and this, and that, oh that too, and this....aren't they beautiful?"


And yeah, I bought myself a K700i Sony Ericsson phone! Whee! Camera phone! Bluetooth! Infrared! Mp3!

*Grins grins grins*

And my bank account is high and dry now.


And New Year's Eve. Also my last day on the job, for this 2 weeks, at least. I applied for 2 weeks' leave because I just can't be sure about my schedule. Thing is I'm not even sure I can return to work at all. William asked me to stay. Believe me, I want to. I love it there.

We went for the 1U countdown, and I'm telling you, except for the podium dancer and stilt walker parts, they're dead boring. Who cares about those DJs on stage? They have real entertainers over at Ikano. Ouch. But we usher in New Year without me realising it. People were already counting down to 6 before it hits me and I joined in the last 5 seconds. The fireworks, were, as usual, spectacular. My neck nearly broke watching showers upon showers of pyrotechnic marvel.

There was Darlene, Amelia, Kenny and Shwu Chenn, and there was Meikeng. People who matter most to me were there. It should be a good year. Until the part where we went to Chandran's for yamcha. It was so stupid and absent-minded of me to place my car keys inside the boot, take my wallet and then slam the boot down with my keys inside. What a bang 2006 is indeed.

And ...sigh. I'm losing heart to write. I'm deeply ashamed of this. Of the way I handled it too. I am so incredibly stupid and inconsiderate.


This morning, after chatting with Darlene til almost 7am, we went to 1U so that I can return money to Paul and we went to...Toys'R'Us. Technically, the week's not over though the year is, and I can't belive I went inside that place 3 times in a week when the thought never entered my mind for 3 years.

I miss Swatch already.

*Sigh* Am turning 20 in 5 months 10 days' time. Wish time can stuck sometimes.

Happy New Year 2006 everybody.

God bless us everyone.

Delwyn made this comment,
Hoi woman!
Happy New Year!

knight made this comment,
How come both of us...din stated out wat is the 'incident' out in our blog hor ? really no mood edi...kan ? dun wanna even think about it anymore edi hor...hehe...funny pulak..if think back ,...:p

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