Wednesday, March 21, 2007


1 Apr 2006
Time: 01:38

Maybe it's the hour
Maybe it's the lack of sleep
Maybe cos I'm sick

Sigh, I'm feeling sooooooo lousy. Things steadily went a downhill spiral today, from missing 8am class to feeling guilty about some things.

No it didn't even start today. I got a friend confiding in me about people wearing masks to live. I really terkena with that...cos I know no matter how real I try to be, still need to keep up appearances. Life's like that.

*clenches fist.....tries to unclench...sloooowly.*

And yea something funny. Reach home 4-plus pm. My mom accidentally let the stupid dog out (again) and he came back minus collar and license. We just applied the license on Tuesday in DBKL! We scoured the neighbourhood Told mom, haha, for being careless (again).

Tried calling people for yamcha but realise it's so late.

And a test to study for. Screw it la.

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