Friday, March 23, 2007

panic-que. and serve me right.

4 Sep 2006
Time: 02:08

I've just watched a National Geographic documentary about the haj - the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca. Stuff I grew up learning about. Instead of studying.

I think I'm panicking. Because this morning I realise for Mass Comm Theories paper on Tuesday - how NOT prepared I am. And I was finishing up reading about Multimedia Tools for Advertising.

I couldn't breath. My mind was racing. I was racing. Against an invisible ticking clock. Comm Theories, Comm Theories, Comm Theories was what was resounding in my brain.

Relax, 2 more days. There's tonight and tomorrow.

Comm Theories Comm Theories Comm Theories.

From Totalitarianism to Cultivation to Uses and Gratification. I know what they are but I don't know how to properly define them. Social Learning, Freudinism, Behaviourism. I don't know them.

I was pacing my room. Slammed my puter down. Been chatting too much, too much. One week of study leave and I didn't do much (which is nothing new), but this is Comm Theories.

When people tell you you gotta listen to lectures and revise even during the semester and you don't listen and you know you'll pay the price. Every semester I pay that price. But not to when your heart is racing and pumping and you start swallowing saliva every 5 seconds.

Mass Society and Mass Culture.
Scientific Perspective Era.
Limited Effects Era.
Cultural Criticism.
Moderate Effects.

Okay. Good, I got that down pet.

Prefered reading, Negotiated, Oppositional.

Propaganda - A technique/method that attempts to influence the emotions, attitudes, behaviour and emotions of a group in order to benefit the sponsor.
white, supression of negative material, positive messages
black - intentional and deliberate lies to achieve sponsor's aim
grey - no basis of accuracy and no intention of finding out

Uses and gratification
Inactive audience - magic bullet, mass society, propaganda, cultivation
Active audience - U&G, social learning, playful audience, information processing

Social learning - observation, identification, imitation
Playful audience - zipping, zapping, grazing
info process - how an audience evaluate and use information

media literacy - the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, communicate media messages.

*deep, jagged breath*

*no i'm not being dramatic, to hell with grammar and punctuation and proper capital/small lettering*

hegemony - the control of an elite class over others. not forced, willingly accepted by all, "common sense" and natural. maintains society and culture as it is. economic/political power. Through media, church, schools and family. Gramsci.

political economy - political elite who also has power over economy...marxism, base, superstructure

neo-marxism, british cultural studies, frankfurt school - high culture, also denies general public access


social diffusion

paradigm - a worldview, organizing theorical perspective
shift - one perspective to another. not easy as there should be proof of why the new one works and not the old one, and people are stubborn.

Okay, okay. Typing it out always help. I feel slightly better.

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