Wednesday, March 21, 2007

losing wallet? think again

28 Nov 2005
Time: 10:42

Yes. Almost 11am. In the morning. At this time, I would love to be either:

Working my goddamn morning shift in Swatch; or

Sleeping at home.

Not like this, here all frustrated and hot and hungry.


Don't ever lose your wallet with every of your identity document inside. Because that's what I did: dropped it in Midvalley.

I told people I got pickpocketed, but I dropped it. Sigh. That's sad. Not to mention inconvenient from the logistics point of view.

First, I have to make a police report.

Then I have to go to JPN or National Registry Department to make a new MyKad. Penalty RM40. I didn't know that was the easier procedures by far.

Because, damn. I went to JPJ this morning, and ya know what? Instead of giving me a brand new license (plus God knows how much penalty), they told me I have to go back to the police station where I made my report to get the copy certified. GOD!

I have to go to JPJ again. In very, very near future.

So, fine. While I'm at it, I went to my university campus to make a new Student ID. Again, I went to my faculty library and they ask me to walk down the road to the PA Block (the administration so to speak) and pay RM25. Money. I lost everything and I still have to pay. This holidays is indeed the season of giving. From the pits of my savings and secret stash and loans from my mom. At this rate whatever I earn (and I deserve more than I will be able to earn) I will cough out anyway.

At this rate, y'know what? I might as well stay home, fatten myself up and stay safe. BAH.

I digress. Anyway, they make me pay RM25 and walk to the next building library where I have to hand in my receipt copy (no certified shit thank God) and that was that.

And I'm at my faculty lab now being online and enjoying the aircond. Which is NOT COLD anyways.

It's so fucking inconvenient to lose things. Most of all your wallet. To be honest, I rather lose my fucking phone. It's afterall, old and all I will need to do I start Friendster-ing and asking everyone I know online (where it's free!) for their phone numbers, and start recollecting funny sms. Not to mention going to ATM to get money to get a brandnew, 2G phone. Bah.

I lost my ATM cards as well, while I'm at it. Might as well get 2 more certified police report statements for the banks just in case. I'm through running around and I still have my driving license to do. And ATMs. Can collect my ID card from library when semester reopens. In January.

But. License.

Good grief. Administation and red tape suck.

I'm leaving. Cooled down enough. To Work.


knight made this comment,
so sad ar.... but at least u still can laughed a bit when u called me...when i was working...
Calm Erm...think positive! U just gpt urself an excuse to get urself a brand new WALLET !!! :p

erizabesu made this comment,
oh dear...hugs dear...
when jan/new sem comes, i chia u and at mamak lah..both of u 2 seem to be a bit down these few weeks..


LPShean made this comment,
I feel you.
I lost my keys to my apartment a few weeks ago. I was working and i must have dropped it. And i came back, here.. expecting to get a new key to be replaced, but no.. it was 3am in the morning, the night duty guard had no spare keys and i went walking around the college area for an hour in the cold and dark to look for my keys in the streets as i thought i dropped them on the way to work... i finally slept with a tiny heater and didnt have lights on the next day, and i had to pay all in all for 3 keys on my set which costs like £80... RM560!!!!! 3 BLOODY KEYS.

But thank god i went back to the bar and some kind bugger found a set of keys and placed it on the bar counter. I was relieved. I always put the set of keys somewhere safe now.

Well.. that's beside the point. haha. What i'd like to say is, i perfectly understand you to a certain extent. Well.. good luck with sorting out all your cards and what-not.

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