Wednesday, March 21, 2007


21 Nov 2005
Time: 01:09

Watching persons you know...because of the words

love, heart, feelings, tears, missing, hate, worry, hurt, emotions, jealousy...

Losing one's soul into the depths of human emotions...

It hurts even you, you know.

Especially when you can't share the up and downs. And you gotta be the rational one, the logical one, the anchoring stone.

And sometimes you can only watch as a person falls deeper and deeper into a chasm, and there will be a point of no return, and no matter how you try, you cannot pull she or he up anymore, and if lucky, all the person will do is stay at its depth til one day she or he will be ready and prepared to rise again, like a phoenix from the ashes, but...there's also a possibility he or she will fall deeper and deeper, willingly, unwillingly, darker and colder and dangerous...

And you gotta know when to step in, and when to let go. One more time I'm playing this role.

Sometimes, I wonder. Why do we have to feel...? Why is no one immune? As sure as rain and clouds and sunshine, all the most beautiful and ugliest things in the world...

I wish, sometimes, that we can...fei all emotions, min all feelings...

But it is part and parcel of living, of really, really living, isn't it?

There's no rhyme and reason to love, friendship and life.

I'll need my own anchor, my voice of reasoning, my logic too...right now I'll be there for someone else. If it pains me to do so.

Ke manakan arah tujuan ku ini?

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