Wednesday, March 21, 2007


29 Oct 2005
Time: 00:07

Today was so damn sial. When I arrived, Paul told me about the new Olympic collection, for the 2006 Winter Olympics. So I hopped over to the display and opened it and grabbed the plastic watch, knocking over a Chrono Sophisticated (cost: RM475) in the process.

As it toink! toink! toink! down to the floor, we watched in horror. Kyle picked it up and told me, uh, bad luck. The glass cracked.

RM300 outta my salary. Cut.

Bye! mp3 player! Maybe I just ain't fated to own one, you know?

Bye! Dinner in Chillies.

Bye! Savings.


Not to mention the wrath from our manager that's waiting to happen. And my supervisor giving me a disappointed look.

Sigh. Can I break down and cry? Jeez.
They came to me and hugged me and stroked my hair. I feel insulated from the full horror of the moment. That felt good for sure.

On the other hand, semester results (the one with ABC grades) came out on the student intranet. Oh my gosh, a A- for Chinese? *kneel down in gratitude!* I was so stricken and expected a B- at best, C was more realistic.

I'm really, really relieved. And then....I can't savor it cos it's only first one in 8. Sigh. I've set a bar for myself already it seems.

O ambivalence! You mess my mushed brain.

And here's some more pics from Kyle's camera:

Image hosted by
William my supervisor

Image hosted by
Kyle and his *up*standing hairdo

Image hosted by
Kyle and Jimmy

Image hosted by
Sweet Leng and Kyle

Unfortunately, Paul remains elusive. Will try to obtain his pic to post, haha.

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