Friday, March 23, 2007

bidding adieu

Time: 18:21

295 blogs later...

664 comments later...

64,209 hits later...

For the final time, I blog from blog-city.

Started since 21 April 2003, it has served as the most basic of blogs, a wee space in the cyberworld to call my own, my whine-page, my vent-page, my sanity, my insanity, my thought, announcements and expressions.

Now almost 4 years later, with the announcement that blog-city will start charging end of this year, I've finally moved to blogger, of which I already have an account since 2005.

Day by day, with only 50 blogs allowed every 24 hours, I've patiently copy and paste texts I deem to precious to just see go wasted to my new blog (during office) hours. Now the tedious process is done and my business here is finished.

I beg your kindness and some time to change my blog URL to this and do visit me there.

I thank ALL of ya for the time to read, to share and to console me and I hope I will still have your care, love and time in days to come.

Again, my NEW BLOG @

Pui Yee


dhmn69 said...
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dhmn69 said...

OOPS.. Welcome to a real blogger program!

rainee said...


you are hardworking to copy and paste all works...I really want to write a "FOOK" for you..haha