Friday, March 23, 2007

my obligation

7 Feb 2007
Time: 10:25

Here. I am extremely obligated to do this:

Go to Gianne's blog NOW!


For she finally updated her blog for Singapore Xmas!

I'm helpin' her pimp out her blog so visit it now.

It's a long-awaited entry so go now.

You shall listen to me and go to her blog now.

Gianne has much funnier things to say about Singapore than I do.

So get yer asses there now.

By the way, Gianne is right. Why oh why did Malaysia copy the Eye on London and Eye on Dubai and came up with Eye on Malaysia in Lake Titiwangsa (where the view from up there is frankly not that spectacular anyway) using RM30mil, when many many places in KL are left in shambles and should be preserved, facelifted or at least given a new layer of paint.

Why oh why do we try to squeeze into the UNESCO World Heritage Site (well, Penang and Melacca are) when the architecturally breathtaking Bok House in the middle of KL, sorely in need of a reconstruction (preserve the facade, build a Bill Gates-approved smart home inside, turn it onto a restaurant, art house, gallery, wedding gallery for all I care) but why tear it down?

Why oh why a public consensus was never taken into account and the bulldozer bulldozes its way in. Why oh why are my fellow Malaysians so short-sighted? When oh when will we finally realise no matter how modern we try to be, whose country and their attractions we try to emulate, to downright imitate (and of course, we're full of imitations, Eye-not?), it will be our culture, the heritage, the buildings that prevailed hundreds of years that will remain our attraction.

Personally I really have contempt for all copying, the stuff that's not Malaysia original, then when we actually made it, built it, the maintainence given to these imitations are minimal at best, non-existent is more likely in most cases. I don't understand lor the glorified aplomp we accord to the new things and the derisive and dimissive way we sweep the ugly ones under the carpet. End of the day they still exist, right?

It's the same concept as your home: if you have new guests coming or Chinese New Year is around the corner and you spring clean, you chuck everything in the storeroom under the stairs and buy new furniture in IKEA and bedsheets from Aussino and curtains from Home Design and go to Macy's for table cloth. Sure, yer house is bedecked with new smells and sights and people will wow and admire, but if their kids cheekily open that store room door and out spew the mothballs and rags and dust from the past 30 years, the witness and testament of your residence at your house, the things time and you accumulate simply by existing and living life?

Utter humiliation innit?

That's my Malaysia lor.

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