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Merdeka 2005

2 Sep 2005
Time: 00:46

Wow, I didn't know that. Specifically, I didn't know I can quit going online nightly cold turkey and didn't miss it. I absolutely did not know I can not go online for days without feeling the itch. I did not know that!

But I'm digressing.

Every Malaysian sejati would know what we celebrated yesterday...it's just that, for me, it's a rather quiet year. I even commented to a friend that the school system tried to instill in us for 11 long years how to show our love for our country, particularly on that day but 2 years henceforth (after leaving school, that is), I didn't really care, or bother.

But seeing reports on newspapers (damn propaganda!) about foreigners making the journey to Putrajaya from Kuantan, about the floats in New York and celebrations in UK and so on and so forth brings a ...little feeling of shame and a wee sting of tears behind my eyes. Seeing a few flags hung from houses in my neighbourhood, the jets flying overhead days before the parade, hmmm. People make so much effort to show their love for this country. Yah I'm ashamed for not feeling and doing more. I'll get a flag next year. Notice no one gave away free flags this year? Lesser Merdeka ads on TV? Bad economy. BAD economy.

The bit about the boy cheering Merdeka, stopped, hesitated and mumbled "Mer..." before halting got me laughing really loud in the kopitiam over my breakfast, though.

Malaysians = funny lot. Long story, but 'nuff said.





Looks like the trip isn't smooth. The time period we're both free to travel is small, and worst, its an off-peak season. Don't look too good right now. *Sigh*

Collected my new passport today, hope I'll be able to utilize it more fully than the older one. Do you know to do passport the express way via kiosk you have to fulfil quite a few conditions? Reminded me, humorously, of the C++ programming we did in TARC:

Do you have an expired passport?

>Do you have MyKad?

>>Are you over 18?

>>>Are you over 156cm in height?

>>>>Else, go beratur dan tunggu for long, long hours.

Then, all systems go. If you don't fulfil even one of those conditions, game over. Go buy a form, go get your number and proceed to wait. Past lunch time, past staff photography session, past the lady with the annoying kid, past Indons extending their working visas.

Somehow the Immigration looked more miserable nowadays than it did than when I was 5 or 6. Having a passport done then was an adventure worth showing off to all your playground and kindergarten mates. Now...jeez. Adulthood isn't fun.

My 'P' driver's license has already expired. Going to get a new one done tomorrow. A fully-fledged driver. Another milestone. Whee.

KL/PJ people? Be terrified.

C'mon! Laugh! It's not a lame joke! Laugh!

I'm sad, heh.

Back to studies. Finals' next week.

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