Wednesday, March 21, 2007


21 Oct 2005
Time: 02:02

Time for PHOTOS! Yes? No?'s high time some graphics grace my blog, I suppose. Been lazy about posting.

Here's 4 from Jimmy's phone...taken in Swatch.

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
That's me and Jimmy

Image hosted by
I like this one. I just do.

Image hosted by
And this..well. Colored.

And...that's the end of my blog, ahaha!
And Jun Hoe, I'm NOT doing ur tag! I did one already!

GenieOnTheLoose made this comment,
that fella seriously should sign up for 'Daniel-lookalike' contest, if any.
Go to any forum, post that pic and go 'nyekkk, i meet daniel on a daily basis and you dont! *blekkkkkkk*'. Fangirls will kill you. hahah jk, i tihnk they can differentiate... Okayla, maybe the nose not alike leh

tze wurn made this comment,
hey,tat guy is so cute leh,can intro ah? py,lucky u ah,work wit leng chai wor,must keep in touch wit him ah..hehe take care

Julee made this comment,
He looks like Adam 8TV.. or maybe the Peter Pan dude. Lucky lucky you!!

amelia made this comment,
told ya he's a pretty boy...ahahahahha.

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