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25 Aug 2006
Another semester has ended. A grueling, exhausting one. Argh! I loathe to think what awaits me.
Study week next week, and then finals. Then 3 weeks of ignorant bliss. Looking really, really, really forward.

I was digging through my pile of notes, and found some song lyrics. Also, Meikeng gave me 2 more. So, now I'm gonna type it out here and whoever who first guessed what song is it, will be rewarded ;) hahah.

Let me tell you, it's not that straightforward. But it's simple.

These few years, one person
Wind has blown, rain has fallen
There were tears, there were mistakes
Why still remember and persist
Only when you've loved, then you'll understand
There will be lonliness, there will be looking back
There are dreams, there is you, in my heart

Friends walk together a lifetime
Those days are no more
One word, one life, one passion, one drink
Without friends life is lonely
After a lifetime of friendship you will understand
There is hurt, there is pain
There will be leaving, but there is still me.


At the end of love's road
Water splashed out can't be returned
There was love, there was hate
Why til can't be determined
Only thinking of your tenderness
Give me care, take my sadness away
Burdened with sadness because of me
Waiting endlessly in the middle of the night
Alone and weeping, alone and suffering

Really desire to tell you I really love you
Really desire to tell you I've wronged you
You cried and say our love has ended
Difficult to continue

Please give me a little more time, a little more care
Don't take it all away
Please give me a little more space, a little more tenderness
Don't let me suffer like this

You, a woman, made me happy, made me sad
Made me willingly, for you, sacrifice my everything


Want to do something for you
A thing to make you happy
Hopefully to engrave my name in your heart
Begging for time, taking advantage when you're not aware
Quietly cultivate seed into fruit
I think perhaps there's another girl more suitable for you
I'm just not gentle, elegant, mature and understanding enough
If I can step back into being just a friend
Then you don't have to feel this bad

Really, really love you
That is why I am willing to let you
Fly to a place with more happiness
Really, really love you
So I'm letting you have love
Then I'm content

When I see her go to you
That scene is just beautiful
If I cry, its because I'm glad
On this earth, two person fated is not easy
Even if I can't be your lover, I'm grateful

Really, really love you
That is why I am willing to not hold you back
Fly to a place with more happiness
Really, really love you
So I'm letting you have love
Then I'm content


As I listen to your voice
I have a special feeling
Made me think non-stop
Dare not forget you
I will remember a person
Forever staying in my heart
Only can think about you this way
If it is true there is one day
Ideals of love can be realised
I will multiply my effort, treat you well
Won't change forever

Don't care how long the road is
I must make it come true
I will whisper next to your ear

I love you, still loving you
Just like the mice loves the rice
Doesn't matter wind and rain
I will still stay by your side
I think of you, still thinking of you
Doesn't matter how bitter it is
As long as I can make you happy
I will do anything
Loving you this way


Remember, rewards!

knight made this comment,
TET!!! I pressed the Buzzle edi !
1) Peng You - Emil Chao 2) Rang wo huan xi rang wo you - Emil Chao 3) Hen ai hen ai ni - Renee Liu 4) Lao Shu ai Ta mi - Chun hui


meikeng made this comment,
noooooo!!! unfair!!

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