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Genting Trip

21 Sep 2005
Time: 01:08

Right before exams ended, Esther and Wen Xin (that's my JR classmates, y'all) planned a trip to Genting Highlands and Darlene, Meikeng and I sort of invited ourselves, too.

Hey it was all good: Darlene's never been there, I didn't get to go for a couple of years already and Meikeng...well, we want Meikeng there. Haha.

We chose the most unfortunate of days, I guess. When we reached the cable car station it was misty, and halfway to the top, I mentioned it seemed like we reached heaven, to the exasperated shushes of others.

It was out-of-this-world kind of experience, visibility was practically zero. We were in mists thicker than clouds, only for reasons we knew too well, slips of tongue happened and we kept on referring to mists as "haze". Wow, the haze sure did traumatise us.

By the time we checked in and enter the theme park, we only had opportunity for 2 rounds on the Corkscrew and then the staff told us nothing's operating. Worst, the Solero Shot is not even open, it's closed for maintainence. It was already drizzling and we went back to First World (FW hereon) and window shopped. Darlene and I were like, checking the boards every couple of hours or so til the rain let up a little and we manage to get 2 rounds on the Spinner and then I got my only pair of jeans all wet and my new jacket, and even down to my shirt and it was cold. The mists were so thick we don't even see people approaching til we're almost on top of each other. Went into the lame haunted house but as usual I never look in there, yah I am a chicken, and I'll happily admit it.

There were a big group of young policemen on duty cos of some 24-hour run function and were taking shelter at the house and were trying to taunt us and scare us, telling us "wah ada hantu besar oh! Makan orang!" but they were so funny and endearing, haha. We played along, pretending to be freaked out.

We went back inside and came back outside and heck, those policemen recognised the 2 of us, we were walking around in the rain that much. We weren't the only suckers, though. There was a big group of college students looking lost and there's a Middle Eastern couple playing around and waiting for rides despite the uncooperative weather.

I pronounce the theme park part of our trip a disaster.

But, ahem, because my jeans were so wet and I didn't bring anything else to wear, we went shopping for something cheap and presentable to wear but we were looking so long by the time we hit F.O.S my jeans were only slightly damp and instead, these halter tops from Gap stole my attention (well, the cute cashier had me staring at him, too) and they were priced at RM19.90 and lo and behold, it actually fits! But it was kinda low at the back and even worst in front...but I don't know. Something possessed me to buy it. Darlene bought a low back red top, too.

I mentioned something about watching a movie and Darlene wanted karaoke but during (or is it before) our buffet dinner I mentioned I remember there's a club in Genting and she got all pumped up and then there it is: we're going clubbing! Meikeng also joined us. I'm seriously excited about it, it's our first time! We went back to F.O.S (my cute cashier's still there *melt*) and Meikeng got another top and then we looked for lip gloss and eye shadow, bought some, but there's nothing we can do with our sneakers for which I'm glad anyway. I can barely walk in high heels, let alone dance and jump.....must be MAD to even begin to try.

We went after shopping around 8.30pm to Cloud 9 (wrong club!) and then Safari to check conditions out and made buddy-buddy with the waitress who's standing by the entrance and she told us to be there around 11am. That gave us another hour and half of chilling in our room, taking a shower, dress up and walk there. Look, that purple top was (is!) the sexiest I own in my entire wardrobe and I was so self-conscious and feeling so weird in it I didn't take off my jacket until a very very long time in the club. And this darn Middle Eastern guy next table sure take his time oogling at ...either Darlene's widely exposed back or my cleavage. We were early; there wasn't many occupied tables and there's only 1 guy dancing near his table and then there were us. Darlene and Meikeng went to dance floor but I didn't join in til the dancing guy tried picking Meikeng up and I was curious about what's happening. But seriously, we were the only ones dancing, people join us and take off and we got bored; heck we looked stupid. These men were all staring!

We left the club, walked outdoors for half an hour and when we went back after midnight, it was like, transformed! There was a HUGE crowd on the floor and we joined in la of course and we were just dancing in our small little group like mad but honestly, I think the crowd must be extremely tame compared to clubs in KL. The horror stories about Zouk and Atmosphere already...heh. It was quite controlled in there, the DJ sucks and the anti-drug message was a pooper. Some girls didn't even take off their jackets and most of the guys stick to the outer circles. It was mostly business crowd la, the men. But I noticed this tall dude with his short partner (who's shorter than me! ME!) pop something into their mouths and I made a note to stay away from them in case and then this other guy tried dancing with Darlene but she did a 180 degree turn on him and he danced with me and I was staring at his chest and I didn't even get a good look at him and I was kinda freaked cos he was getting nearer...and nearer...and then I turned and dance back to his front with him and I don't know, at my pheripheral vision I saw him coming nearer...I inched away and Darlene later told me she inserted herself between us before anything happened (thanks, man, for watching my back) and he disappeared. We dance some more and took 2 short breaks but gosh I don't know about them but my feet was getting seriously ache-y and the guy who popped pills, remember him? At some point we were dancing in front of his table again and I know he and his friend stared and stared and stared and then he put his head into our group and grinned. All 3 of us grimaced and moved away.

Near to 2 (supposed to end at 3am) we call it a night and left, and the policemen-on-duty were like, "Dah cukup? Awalnya" and we're like "Woh penat giler!"

And yeah so there was my first clubbing experience. It was dark, it was stinky, it was smoky, it was deafening...And..I like it. LOVE it! Want to do it again! In KL clubs this time! Y'hear me girls?

The next morning we were all pooped and everybody's commenting at my worn out look and I was surprised cos these are the people who see me at worst in classes but when I look into the mirror it's as if I'm having a hangover from hell, but after our breakfast we went down to the Flying Coaster (and will ya believe it, the weather was absolutely beautiful) and coughed up RM10 to get a ride. Man, it wasn't freaky at all! Adrenalin-pumping, definitely because of the speed but it was kind of disappointing, the freak factor. Corkscrew was more freaky! But it was fun all the same la. There are points when you let go the handle you really feel like you're flying!

And then we left on the cable car, get tickets for bus to KL Sentral, had a meal and left for home. Came home, showered, throw laundry into basket and stinky top into washing machine, switch on the aircond and promptly crashed.

And that's the appetizer to a 3-month holiday. I've been thinking. Should I go up to Genting and get a job?

LPShean made this comment,
A seriously looonng post. :) The clubs here in newcaslte is so bloody diff from those in msia la. And the group i go out with. Wow. Nice mann. We sing like shit. We danced. We sung. We made our way into the centre of the dancefloor. We kissed. :) Yeah, we did. Haha. Nice tho. Everything was so much better than the clubs back home.

melia belia made this comment,
I wanna club bad!!! Kaki damn damn gatal ady. Phan Shean!!!! You kissed?! Hooboy...someone's getting awfully notty!

made this comment,
Hehe. Me missing out all the action. Oi, when we going out ar? *mutters bout having finals till end of October*

Aidid Razak made this comment,
heaven had better be a heck of a lot better than genting

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