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10 Sep 2006
Time: 04:46

I've picked up the habit of sleeping at dawn again. Thanks to all this studying nonstop chatting.

No business blogging either, but heck, I hopped over to Gianne's, saw it, and had to do it.

By the way, my parents didn't immortalise anything from my babyhood, I don't think.

And I didn't wish Malaysia Happy 49th either, yikes.

Me. Pui Yee. Is a. Badddd Malaysian. Badddddddd Malaysian.

Okay, here, here.

Taken from somewhere... Gianne's Blog, that is.
1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn't make sense. NO CHEATING!

How are you feeling today? KC & Jojo - Lately
[... uhm. Okay, nearly 5am is pretty late....or early?]

Will you get far in life? Kingston Trio - 500 Miles
[WTF, 500 miles, THAT's it?! I'm getting jinxed here, oy. Gianne I'm. Gonna. Strangle. You!]

How do your friends see you? Kenny Loggins - Your Heart Will Lead You Home
[Aww. This is a sign. Of SENTIMENTALITY! D/l this song btw. Loved it.]

Will you get married? Linkin Park - One Step Closer
[Heart races... let's not click, o ok, let's see...uh *jaw drop*]

What is your life's theme song? Andy Lau - Lei Hoi Lei (Leaving You)

What is the story of your life? Emil Chow - Hua Xin (Flirtatious)
[*sweat* ... *sweat sweat sweat* Yeah. RIGHT. Let's try another one.]

Mariah Carey - Hero
[so, so much better I tell you]

What was high school like? Vitamin C - Graduation
[uh, uh. Yes I know.]

How can you get ahead in life? Henry Mancini - Magnificent 7 Theme
[Am making a face. Okay...(yes, I listen to orchestra, what?)]

What is tomorrow going to be like? Carlos Santana - Just Feel Better

What is the best thing about your friends? Frank Sinatra - As Time Goes By
[OMG. Yeah. Yeah. So apt.]

What is in store for the next weekend? Fort Minor - 100 Degrees
[100 bucks?]

What song best describes you? The Tokens - The Lion Sleeps Tonight
[Awim babweh awim babweh awim babweh ...]

How is your life going? Ryan Cabrera - 40 Kinds of Sadness
[No comment]

What song will play at your funeral? Pan Wei Bo - Bu De Bu Ai (Can't Have, Can't Love)
[At least it's catchy?]

How does the world see you? 3 Doors Down - The Road I'm On
[Dunno lyrics of this song.]

Will you have a happy life? Hitz.FM Morning Crew - Don't Cha
[No way. Next song]

Ricky Martin - Ole Ole Ole

Dave Matthews Band - Too Much
[Derr. No]

Harlem Boys Choir - Amazing Grace

Ryan Cabrera - True
[Give up.]

What do your friends really think of you? FIR - Lydia
[I'm NOT Lydia!]

What song describes the person you're attracted to? Vonda Shepard - Baby, Don't You Break My Heart
[Damned right]

What message would you like to tell the next generation? Marion Raven - The Prayer
[Yeh. Pray humans won't destruct earth. Pray there will be tomorrow. Pray pray ah]

Do you have a deep dark secret? Michael Jackson - You Are Not Alone
[Indeed. I ain't the only one with a secret]

What will I be eating next Tuesday? Jason Mraz - The Remedy
[I'll get poisoned next Tues? Uh oh]

What will I feel/think the moment I wake up tomorrow morning? Timmy Thomas - Dying Inside To Hold You
[who? what?]

What will happen on my way home from work next Thursday? Atlantic Starr - Masterpiece
[I don't work.]

What will happen on my way home from work next Wednesday? Babyface feat. Mariah Carey - Everytime I close My Eyes

What will be my recurrant thought/mood over the next weekend? Richard Marx - Now And Forever

How will I go about studying for Monday's classes? Gareth Gates - Unchained Melody
[I have no classes on Monday. Announced void and null. Ha]

Tell me if you copy this. I wanna go kaypoh kaypoh ya!

Jun Hoe made this comment,
Hehe, you seriously have too much time. But some of the songs were quite entertaining though - Linkin Parks' One Step Closer, Jason Mraz's Remedy, Andy Hui' Lei Hoi Lei. Haha..I was laughing out loud at some of them. Luckily it was just me in my room...

dave made this comment,
I'll admit to wasting some of your time chatting .. though I do try to insist on some study time ya know

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