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China Trip II

20 May 2006
Time: 00:37

My apologies for the extremely long, extremely boring blog of China down there. I was bored there and I wrote and wrote and wrote. You can not read it, I won't cry hahah.

Anyway, I was away in Penang 5-7 May (Fri-Sun) and I was supposed to come home and blog about it but I was too lazy to, and Amelia wrote a good blog about it so just hop over to hers. She used some pictures I took too so yeah go see her blog.

And then I went to Yunnan in China 9-17 May and I just got back a couple of days ago and spent 2 days typing and chatting and feel kind of lazy to upload photos as well.

In summary, I visited Kunming-Dali-Lijiang in Yunnan. I won't say I had a lot of fun, being all alone on a tour with my weird status as "trainee" tour leader, but it was definitely educating and enlighting. This is a REALLY productive holidays, wheeeeeee :).

Here are some photos as well:

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Chinese Garden in Kunming, willow trees, lake and cool winds.

Ducks. Duh.

The best fengshui place in Kunming (apparently). Represents Health and Fortune.

Outside Jiuxiang caves, spring in full bloom.

Waterfall inside Jiuxiang caves. This "trip" took about 2 hours of steps and walking and ascending and descending. And took nearly ALL my energy to finish it. Damn.

Peaches. Sweet, juicy peaches. And they're cheap and convenient source of fibre. Heh! Love 'em.

Well, we were only at the hostels of this university but I envy them. If only UTAR is like that...*sighhhh* I really think we missed out on the real campus experience. I feel shortchanged sometimes.

Uhh I took this pic cos it's funny they have Wal Mart in China, but not in Malaysia. They have McDs, KFC, Pizza Hut and....PORK!

"Bai" tribal girls...performing a dance about courtship and wedding ceremony and serving us 3 cups of tea - bitter, sweet...and then...weird.

3 pagodas in Dali. Best fengshui, again. Water in front, hill at the back.

Lijiang Gu Cheng (Ancient City). Its really beautiful up here.

Mao Ze Dong and his statue.

This is the 2 rows of pubs and restaurants facing each other where crowds sing back and forth, challenging each other. Very festive atmosphere.

One decorated pub.

Lilies. BEAUTIFUL lilies.

Mother and her baby, his hair is fashioned the old way..."sou har tao" cute.

We visited this old lady's house...look at her feet. 3 inch lotus feet. She said she's 88 years old.

Sunflowers in the flower garden. Not bad a photograph, ey?

Tall glass of lemon-egg white-yogurt drink. Yummy.

Our last dinner before leaving China - mushroom and chicken steamboat. It is damned good too.

Okay. I took over 300 photos in China, the zipped file is over 24 000kb in, yeah. Uploaded only a few though...too tedious. Hope you enjoy waiting for the photos to load, hah hah! You know what, I realise I make a lousy photo caption-er.

Classes starting again on Monday. Kinda depressing to think about it.

GenieOnTheLoose made this comment,
finally, your wanderlust dreams comes true? ;P
Even though the entry is long (the prev one) I somehow really like reading 'travel logs' because it's interesting. plus in the future, it's good to look back and remember what you've seen

eh, i have a burning question.


lpshean made this comment,
Nice pics! And yeah, when i came back from china myself, i did appreciate china a bit more.
And... LOTUS FEET!!!! Fucking hell. Where was this picture and your blog entry when i did my assignment on torture back in 2004?? I couldnt find ANY recent pictures of people with lotus feet let alone a lot of information! Damn.... oh well.. at least you got to see a someone alive with a lotus feet. You wont see anymore of em after her generation passes on im afraid.

P.S - That drink looks funky :) ...... Lemon, egg white and yoghurt...... hmm... what an ... erm.. how should i put it... exotic combination?


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