Friday, March 23, 2007


27 Feb 2007
Time: 14:33

Allow me to pay tribute to one of the greatest inventions on the Internet:

The one, the only, the famous...


Ta da da da da!

It is here that I've whiled away many, many, many hours of boredom at work, reading up on Chinese Cuisine of which I made a project out of - read em categorically and systematically. Also methods of execution, internment...burials, cremations, funerals..

Vestal Virgins, Savage Garden, Nickelback, Delta Goodrem, American Idol, Oprah Winfrey...songs, books, food. Art pieces.

The opening and closing ceremony of Melbourne 2006 Commonwealth Games. Profile of Perodua. Proton, The Star.

Practically every single word you key into their search engine, it will pull something up. I've never been disappointed (much).


*tap tap tap*

Voila! Answer!

You know why it's fun? Not only they are comprehensive, they link you to other relevant (and irrelevant) topics, they have categories and graphics, fact boxes and lists, and they're usually pretty accurate. And they're easy and fun to read.

They're shorter than textbooks, they are explained in layperson's terms, and its basically my first-stop to any information I might need...and more importantly they contain stuff I never knew about, or heard about but never put heart to it. It's a treasure trove, baby!

I heart Wikipedia!

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