Friday, March 23, 2007

step up

11 Nov 2006
Time: 00:09

4 movies in one week.

Sun - Flushed Away (Amelia and Jun Hoe) @ Midvalley
Funny! Loved the "Behooooold...! Bewaaaaaaare!" and Lonely song parts by the slugs.

Wed - The Diary *Canto* (Darlene, Meikeng, Daphnie, Wen Xin, Esther, Jenna, Phoebe, Ming Yang, KK) @ 1U
And it is the dumbest, slowest movie I ever had the misfortune to pay for to torture myself with. Halfway through the movie everyone looked at the person suggesting it (Ming Yang) and ask "is it good?" ..."Her acting's really improved!" and now we're walking around reciting "EAT! EAT! Why don't you EAT!"

But on the flip side, we ate at Italiannies!

Thurs - Flushed Away (again, Lean Chiew) @ Times Square

Fri - Step Up (Darlene, Daphnie) @ 1U

All at GSC and my fav is 1U's still.

Step Up's good. The storyline's not amazing, but its a feel good movie, especially if music and dancing rock your boat.

Oh, oh, here.

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Channing Tatum



*wipes drool*

Shoutout: And well, people around me, sorry I know I'm a pain in the ass lately. Will try to control my moodiness.

Jun Hoe made this comment,
Haha, you really liked Flushed Away a lot huh. Me also kinda on a movie-watching spree, and supposedly I'm having exams now. And yeah, channing tatum is hot. First saw him in She's The Man. But erm, not sure I want to watch this movie though.

Shirley made this comment,
YA, Channing Tatum is hot. woot. kinda young , but I like my man young anyway. WAHAHAHHAHAHAA :p

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