Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A tribute

2 Apr 2006
Time: 03:10

Its true, then. Without viewing his Friendster...I didn't even want to be sure about it. When Rou Ping told me, I asked her, is this a horrible April Fool's joke.

Can't say we're close. Met in Leo Forum in Seremban couple of years back. Very lady's guy, very charming, very cute, very intelligent, soft-spoken.

I guess, not even 19 yet.

Bumped into him in Kepong KTM and 1 Utama couple of times. Last I heard, in TARC. Now...this?

Hope you're in heaven, Swee Kee...I'll miss you as a person who've passed by in my life and made it richer.

A tribute to Yap Swee Kee

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