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20 Oct 2005
Time: 00:30

Dang! Been tagged by Phan Shean last week (exactly) and didn't even realise it!

Wokay, another excuse to blog, since I've seen the tag by Amelia....and Phan Shean...

7 things that scare me

- Family dying and leaving me all alone here...
- Wondering if I made the right decision for the rest of my life
- Roaches and eating those creepy crawlies in Fear Factor (those people are barbaric!)
- No money or things to my name
- Being alone and lonely for the remainder of my life
- Horror movies
- Losing the ability to hear/see/walk/touch

7 random facts about me

- I'm blur (most of them time anyway)
- I prefer salty snacks over sweet ones (think: potato chips over ice cream)
- I hate my lack of height and abundance of weight.
- I'm serious in my studies, I aim high. I think. When I'm not slacking anyways.
- I'm 100% glad to be able to say bye to sciences and math and music. I don't miss them much!
- I hate driving. But I love travelling. I always fight for the window seats. And I wish I can travel more.
- I can bitchy if I want to. I can be sweet if it suits me too. I think I've done a lot of growing up in the emotion-department. I think. I didn't throw my temper at nasty customers, yet!

7 things I hope to do before I die

- Bungee jump and sky dive
- Learn Philosophy and Psychology
- Travel, backpack.
- Stamp my name somewhere in the world. I don't want my coming and going unnoticed, for sure.
- Go to troubled nations and help in whichever way I can, and report the truth of the situation.
- Well, meeting that special someone, of course...
- Tell my friends I'll miss them and thanks for making their marks in my heart and soul and help make me learn about the ways of humanity...

7 things that I can do

- Sleeeeep a lot
- Make addictive konnyaku jellies
- Talk and talk and talk
- Stay up til 2am just to watch a repeat of a show I've missed.
- Eat a lot
- Speak Malay like a Malay
- I think I can write relatively well...

7 people who should fill this out

- Kenny Chan
- Darlene
- Tammy
- Yoke Hwa
- Sewjin
- Jun Hoe
- Gianne

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