Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Washing car

4 Aug 2005
Time: 23:43

Since the semester started, I think I've washed my own car for a grand total of...1 time. Up til today. So it's 2 times. At least it looks reasonably presentable now. Missed the sports rim, didn't bent down to scrub the number plate. Just made sure I can LOOK through the glass and mirrors.

So ashamed to have let so many people see the condition of my car, surprised many of them didn't care. It was atrocious. Muddy. Gritty. A comrade in a real down state. The blurriness of the windshield with the sun reflected out of it...barely can look out. No time to wash with work and all...So I rushed home after MCS meeting today, looked at the sun (going down) in worry and proceed to wash! splash! scrub!

And my neighbours helpfully told me I can get it washed for RM 7 near the gas stations. My mom never believed in those, why? Said it can be done on our own? Why? Because it's own car own responsibility. Next time maybe. Its not just the outwards needing washing the inside needed wiping too. 1 inch of dust.

So 'nuff said about my car for God's sake.

And I was down 2 days ago for 2 days with food poisoning. That's twice for the same chap fan stall. Fever and nausea. Can't believe I can throw up so many times over the same meal. My mom was asking me do I want to ask for MC and the doc was telling her "Of course she needs MC! Stay home and sleep tomorrow!" and then proceed to forgot to write me an MC.

Okay now. But wary of eating there at all. Sigh.

Off to the chop board! Assignments...chop chop chop.

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