Friday, March 23, 2007

beautiful malaysia

27 Jan 2007
Time: 21:44

Amazing Race Asia is starting in 15 minutes!

Its been a while since I blogged and I have a lot to say, and usually too tired to say anything...

"We all desire desperatedly to be desperatedly disired" (or something like that), heh.

It's at the back of some self-help love book that I pointed out to my brother and we had a good 30 seconds snickering away.

And er yeah today's my brother's birthday so, Eppy 18th, bro!

Okay, to business.

We went out to Shogun in 1U today for his bday dinner. I was so full, I walked out to their balcony on the 3rd floor to look at LDP outside. Anyone who has been to 1U would know the enw wing faces the bridge on LDP and it was a windy and humid night and Saturday traffic was frantic and it was dark and the headlights from the cars were twinkling and the sounds was ebbing and flowing and in the distance the billboards and huge displays of Tesco, Ikea and Ikano Power was lighted on the left and on the right, TTDI and Old Wing and the new hotel...

It was so beautiful I could stand there all night watching, watching, watching.

I didn't mind being alone. I was glad I was alone. It was, in quite some time, a "moment" for me to do nothing except being me, looking at the traffic, no worries, just me.

Malaysia can be so beautiful. Malaysia is beautiful. Why do I ever want to leave?

Well, actually, yeah. Because I'm seeking greener pastures.

For the first time in years I went to see my paternal grandma. She's in Selayang Hospital. Diabetic. On the verge of losing her right feet. She's so much smaller now. Slightly deaf.

How did a person grow so old in so little a time? I guess it was good that I went to see her. She won't be around forever, and whatever happened, happened. Time heal a lot of wounds and hurt...
Doesn't mean I'm ready to buddy up the family (not sure will ever be ready either) but at least, I don't want to lose it altogether, y'know what I mean?

Working life is okay now. Getting better and better. Getting used to it. I can and do see myself in this line for at least the next 3-5 years. Not sure what's for me beyond, but yeah. I think I can do this. If there's anything good about being in The Star, it's that the working environment is excellent. The offices, the car park, the pantry, the coffeeshops in vicinity I don't have complaints. There's 6 lifts. And everyone smiles at everyone wearing the same The Star lanyards and staff card. There's a "We-are-family"-like atmosphere, from the janitors to the cafeteria staff to the admin to editors.

Okay. ARA on TV! Ta!

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