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Malaysian Idol 2

24 Sep 2005
Time: 23:12

Hmm, well, wow.

Second season of Malaysian Idol over...and it's been a long time, isn't it? It started before my semester even started and it ended after my semester ended.

Right, I lost track somewhere right after Theater Eliminations, to tell you the truth. Didn't watch a single Workshop or Spectaculars...never bothered, strangely. Many tales of less talented stable of hopefuls and glimpses of them in TV ads only. Cast not a single vote.

But watched the finals yesterday night and true Malaysian style, haha. Well, Nita and Daniel. My first opinion of them was that they're equal anyway. Equally not-too-outstanding. But I agree Daniel belongs to the Chinese-pop...he sounded like them, albeit better. He should've joined Astro Talent Quest, and win he would, for he's much better than 2 or 3 winners I can rattle off my tongue any moment...

And my my, he is the teeny bopper brigade commando, is he not?! Girls under 15 found him appealing! Can't blame them, when I was 13 I had a huge huge crush on Kavana and I had fantasies of being married to Lee Brennan of 911 and I practically worshipped Boyzone.

*blushes* Well...yeah....teeny bopper mah! Outgrown it years ago!

However, I guess, after watching yesterday and today, I won't begrudge the winner of his due credit.

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Congratulations, Daniel!

Good luck in all your future undertakings.
I know my mom will keep me updated with your progress, tee hee.

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