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20 Nov 2005
Time: 02:55

The beauty of having camera phones and digital cameras is beyond description. Insta-photos, anytime, anywhere.

The grace of Internet makes sharing so easy too...ahaha. Therefore I'm posting some photos of our annual dinner:

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Let me see...Kyle, Jimmy (nevermind the weird posing), me, Paul, William and Jay. The entire Swatch BU staff.
We're standing beside an outdoor pool on the 30th floor of a hotel in prime location in KL. The view out there: breathtaking.

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Paul the assistant supervisor (finally! His appearance!) and William the supervisor.

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Me with eyes closed cos we weren't 100% ready, and Jay and Jimmy.

And here's pictures taken from Jay's Nokia 6670 (correct model?) phone TODAY. We have excess time...I admit:

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Er. Paul was going for the "Runt in fire engine" effect from Chicken Little. We imitated Chicken Little for days after watching midnight show.

The sky's falling! Weee are theeee moreee the loser....of the worrrld...! And....yo tell me what I want, what I really really want...And...I'll survive! I'll survive!

Though must say the movie's a damn copycat. War of the Worlds scared me a little, well, a lot. That movie was's so...realistic and intense. And this mockery of it in an animation!

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Call me vainpot but I adore this pic! Absolutely love it! It was in U Parkson and taken totally at random after being tossed the bear and told to pose.

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Look like an extra (ghost) in the movie Scary Swatch, don't I?

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Wokay that's it this time around.

More next time. I...think.

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