Wednesday, March 21, 2007

i guess its me la, then

14 Feb 2006
Time: 00:17

Gonna study after this. I swear.

I guess now it's just me, the problem is me and mine.

Despite everything, I felt utterly alone and left out.

Where is that sense of belonging and well-being? I lost it. Lost it somewhere. As I discover details. Its in the unintentional that I realise. Things have changed la.

Maybe I didn't contribute, either, I guess.


This is what I end up with? I'm giving myself a lot of self-pity at this moment.


Just got back from KLIA.

Sing Yieng is flying towards Melbourne at this very moment. Perhaps I'll get to see her in June, who knows. But, I'll miss her and her antics a lot. If you read this, take care of yourself, ok? Study hard! We'll miss you here!

kizzy made this comment,
hi pui yee. i'm leaving for india on the 10th of march.

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