Wednesday, March 21, 2007

UTAR in CNY mood II !

9 Feb 2006
Time: 23:43

Argh Grammys on...I wanna watch American Idol....I don't wanna watch end up blogging.

Here's the darn fishnet photos I promised weeks ago:

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Angle one: Blossoms under fishnet.

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Angle two: Mutated jellyfish or mutated seaweed. Take your pick.

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Angle three: Fishnet on the ceiling catch fish which is hanging on the ceiling.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Angle four: Taken this hanging fishes after flashing Mr Beh, my tutor, a very cheeky grin at his perplexed look and shooing him away from my lens.

Great isn't it. The best of the best of decors at UTAR.

And these pics are even better (no, I'm serious). I drove to Bukit Bintang (that freaked me out was freaking cool first time) to meet Dad who's up from JB for Dinner at the Ship.

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A very very rare photo of Dad...and my bro.

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Edwin pretending to be shy awww.

Image hosting by Photobucket
That's uhm...grilled lamb. Or steak. I forgot.

Image hosting by Photobucket
That's MY meal. Salmon steak.

Well...dinner was great..went to Low Yat after that, dad got me a 20g external hard disk. I forgot to thank him. Darn.

He didn't give us ang pao ...*pout* he forgot to bring along ang pao packets and I forgot to bring along ang pao packets knowing he won't remember. Yikes. It's gesture y'know. Not amount. Me supersitious mar.

Oh well. I still love my dad. Warts and all.

Another development: Is it...wise to ...give up part of your past? In a way, I've let go...unintentionally, intentionally, to part of my childhood I loved most. The Garden of Darwin of my younger days...

And other things.

I can look back wistfully, at photos, of people that I once belonged with, and now could no longer honestly say I belong to anymore...I can look at happiness etched on faces, without my presence...will I even be mentioned? Remembered?

I felt sorry, I regret this, but...oh, how do I go back to the past I've turned my back to? I was so stupid, so stupid. Why oh why, in my smartness and cleverness, did I commit such foolish behaviour, sins, really?

News I receive, names at one time at the side of my lips all the time, now...grown up and spread its wings. I guess I can say I look at life differently now. That I'm no more the person they once knew. But, dare I deny they taught me life as it was for me back then?

I miss them. I loved them. I want to go back to those picture perfect days again.

Vitamin C's Graduation playing on my WMP is not helping.

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