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8 Jun 2006
Time: 00:23

I'm NOT going to the UTAR Ball...Glimpses of Glam and Glitter...or not.

I mean, that's the theme this year. And from what I see, it's glimpses alright...there will be little glam and lesser glitter in the messed up management and committee.

I'm not going to start whining about our Dept of Student Affairs BitchHead...afterall she's well known already. But I do not like the committee from our other faculty.

And to fork out 200 bucks for a ball? Eat my arse.

First I don't have that much cash, and not only have I gotta work for them, I need to pay my own way into the ball, all 75 bucks of it. Hell, why don't I just pay 80 bucks as a guest and save myself the work and effort, and for what?

And then dress will set me back another hundred bucks or so. Plus makeup and accessories...?

Fook this. 200 bucks for a night like this is so not worth it. I might as well travel to S'pore and watch Coldplay or something. At least I know I'll enjoy THAT.

I'm getting burned out by UTAR and it's system. It's my 3rd semester and I've been moaning and whining and bitching ever since semester started. I told a lecturer, in all honesty, that I'm bored. My course doesn't stimulate me, doesn't motivate me. He's right, it's all in my mindset, how am I going to handle this. I said, I'll make the most out of it, like I am now, but...I considered deferring studies to do something else, go somewhere else but I guess that's not too wise. He told me I can always take a gap year AFTER I graduate. It's much more practical. I see his point. Only, come on, we all know I'll be entering the workforce the moment I've finished my last term papers...


Is this all there is to life? I'm always wondering - I have somewhere to go, but I don't know where, and I don't know how to get there.

I do not love my university. Day after day I drag myself there, late every morning and try to bolt home as soon as I can. The location is strategic, but the environment is terrible - construction work, very very dusty and bad air, nothing much is within walking distance except our favorite dilapated food stalls, bad traffic, loads of heavy vehicles, not your dream campus at all. Sometimes I really feel shortchanged...this is not what I dreamt of campus life as. Oh well, beggars ain't no chosers.

Thus far the only units I truly enjoyed was Mass Media and Society, and this sem, Communication Theories - because they're sociology. And I was happy when I was told we'll be taking Advanced Theories in coming semesters...even though I very well do not think I score an A for MMS last semester. Challenge. I like that.

Lord, I'm interested in...theories. Hahahah.

I'm tired of UTAR. I want to finish my studies and get the hell out of there. I will NOT get my Masters from UTAR, so help me God.

Unless I get to go to Kampar, that is.

I sound damned down today huh? And I'm in a good mood, too.

Last weekend I went to Times Square with LC and GN, watched X-Men. I love it! Stay back after the credits! Scott died :( but there's a surprising survivor.

One of the best movies I've watched this it love it love it. *Skips happily* Love the line "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned", love the mutants and their different the visual eye candy, love the CGI. Love Wolverine, love Storm, love Iceman, love Magneto, do not love Rogue, do not love Jean.

And then we went to Sg Wang cos I wanna look for Grey's Anatomy DVDs. And X-Men I, II, and III. All the shops were closed :( then as we walked to Low Yat, saw police vans. They wanna raid but the DVD sellers close shop even faster! We walked back and forth between Times Square, Sg Wang and Low Yat...I enjoyed that. A good day of walking and no spending, hahaha! And I missed GN and LC very much too...

Looking forward to seeing them this Saturday again.

I'm outta here!

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