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Elegant Gothic Aristocrats

11 Jun 2006
Time: 01:23

I went to Times Square today to meet up with Lean Chiew and Gianne (yep, we met last week too!) and to get DVDs (but not available still...DVD guys all head shaking and keeping mum) and we met a bunch of Malay kids dressed up really...differently.

As in, Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride different.

These kids were like, sort of goth, but sort of elegant and more formal. Loads of old-style coats and roses and pink ribbons and fish bone knots and gloves and Nightmare Before Christmas dolls.

Like, this one...
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Yes, I admit, I'm getting hooked.

They congregated at the graffiti area of Times Square. I confess I was busy gawking, and Gianne allowed me to do that. We gawked. Finally she asked if I want to take pictures. I quickly agreed.

We approach them, they were shy, but they smiled. And agreed. This is a mild example:
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And then this girl agreed to take photo:
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The thing is, this trend sides with the guys. They look fantastically different and interesting. The girls...not so much. Laces and blouses and dark long fishnet socks and dark handbags...don't quite do the trick. One thing I liked is that they don't apply a lot of makeup. In fact most are fresh faced.

And then...these two walked past by, we asked, they turned, smiled shyly and agreed.
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We then left, but my curiousity was burning and finally took up the guts to apply some of the journalistic skills I've learnt so far and started talking to a group.

I asked how come they were dressed up like that, is there a function going on?
-Nope, not really. We just dress for the sake of it.

The costumes were mostly purchased or self-made; actually, most likely, self-decorated. The bunch in Times Square today is only about half, a huge group is hanging out in KLCC. They meet up every week, mostly in Times Square. Their trend is in fact, Goth Aristocrats, and actually, many of them pulled off the dressing nicely. The guys in coats and ties (bright pink) and dolls hanging from their chests, back pockets and bags looks good, with their umbrellas too. They don't contact through phone or internet; its just a network of mouth-to-mouth community. Some guys had black eyeshadow, one drew red smudges underneath his eyes with red teardrops. Then since we were so enthusiastic, they volunteered to bring us upstairs where more of them were hanging out.

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It is in this photo the lone Chinese boy sits at far left.

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And a group photo with bad lighting...
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I wish I brought my digital camera there. Perhaps next week I will.

They were so surprisingly friendly and approachable I muttered "Aristocrats...indeed" with Gianne laughing and saying "Yeah where's the air and graces?" and I guess I learnt there's nothing to it but asking politely when curiousity strucks. These people dress up to be seen, of course, and will be happy to answer questions. And my Malay is not that rusty!

But it got me interested too, I've never been a big fan of trends and fashion cults. This is one worth exploring.

WQ made this comment, times square becoming like harajuku?

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