Wednesday, March 21, 2007

annual dinner

12 Nov 2005
Time: 03:12

It's already 3am and I'm dangerously close to dropping off to sleep. I'm on morning shift tomorrow, so ...yeah. I should already be in bed. S-L-E-E-P-I-N-G.

Was back barely an hour. Basking in pride.

Here's the story:

Today's BP De Silva's annual dinner. Meaning all Swatch shops staff are invited fer the last time as their employees cos in less than a month we'll be working directly under The Swatch Group Malaysia or TSGM.

We were supposed to perform but in a sad way, we weren't as commited as we should be; there was neither practice sessions nor rehearsals. Only vague ideas and a few songs floating.

We were early. The room's 30 floors up. We went to an outdoor pool area and peered through the metal bar. Definitely to-die-for 30-floor-drop height. The view was magnificent. Kuala Lumpur, my beautiful home.

Dinner was just dinner, there's not much to say about hotel buffets. They always taste the same.

Performance. Jimmy and Jacobson. Tong Hua. Ling Chen San Dien Chong. They were great. Jimmy was amazing. The applause and the noise. William was so relieved. Tears almost came to his eyes, he say. I was on the verge of something like sobbing in pride myself. This is us, this is what we're made of.

Even when it seems like we couldn't care less, like we're uncommited, they came through. We all did.

Best performance. Swatch BU.

Best show of unity: Swatch BU.

Retail work might be mundane and beneath some people, but the people you meet and the experience and the opportunity to learn, it beats a lot of high opinions.

Over supper of satay and lala in Mingtien, Taman Megah PJ with the crew, I told William, and I'm sincere about this: I'm so so so proud to be part of Swatch BU, and it is really, really my honor to be able to work alongside you guys.

William, Paul, Jimmy, Kyle...and Ling, Li Hung, Sweet Ling and Jacobson, who walk in and out of our lives and help enrich it...and I like being the only girl, ahaha!

And special thanks to Paul for playing eunuch cos I was walking on hells, sorry, heels. Without his hand I would've fall straight onto my face on every step and hole!

I should sleep.

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