Friday, March 23, 2007


15 Nov 2006
Time: 01:16

...I'm gonna have to say, the highs of life are really high, and the lows are low.

I've been low, LOW since the weekend...I'm not going to talk about it either. Actually I think I finally qualify for the "seek help" category know, depression and all that...I haven't broken down this badly for a while now...oh...Prozac already!

As they say...same shit, different days.

And well, I know, I know, you all been telling me, talk to someone who can help, talk it out...and I'm not doing that anymore. If you guys are not tired of me imposing all my shit on you, I'm tired of imposing my shit onto everyone.

Okay, happy-happy things now!

If you guys been reading Star's entertainment section on Monday, there's an article about the Mersey Beatles (I remember it well cos of Amelia's former haircut heh) and guess what? The chatroom I'm addicted to where I chat nightly?

[star struck]One of the band guys was talking to me there![/star struck] He said KL was nice and Hard Rock was nice and one of our ministers sang too (Lim Keng Yaik, yikes), bla bla. And it IS him cos *waggles finger* he was on webcam.


Ryan Star of Rockstar:Supernova will be performing in Zouk on Thursday and guess who got 4 free passes?


Just listen to his rendition of Iris. Worth the high, oh my God.

I. Am. Happy.

Really. Reality may suck, but, had I really did the thing I wanted to do 2 days ago...well. Gotta keep on telling myself..there is hope, there is a way out, there is something to live for, there is a future.

That the ebb and flow of life will never leave me alone. That I have a right to feel angry, sad and depressed, too. That I'm not defected. That I can pull myself out of it. That I'm not perfect. That I am worthy, too.

That I deserve to love, and be loved.

That I will find love, the elusive shadow.

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