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eppy effin chinese new year, folks

25 Feb 2007
Time: 09:10

Sunday morning - alone in the office (almost).

My last entry was Feb 7th?! *slack jaw* I see I've slacked. As usual.

I guess I could say its just more and more days of routine, assignments, late nights and the usual stuff. Happy to report no life-changing event happened and I am still safe and sound. ( this a happy thing?)

Before CNY, for the first time I was sent to stake out and it was at Albert Mah's wake in Nirvana Memorial Centre in Sungai Besi. I discover, Gawd, I suck at KL road directions. Cos I have absolutely no head nor tail on HOW to to go Sungai Besi without going through the (congested) city centre. Thank God for Aizat.

We waited there. Specifically, I descend upon one of their square shaped, modern couches and slept. We waited. And we waited. And whadyaknow? Nobody showed up.

Boring, can?

The pixman showed up and we took some pleasure in the one activity we're apt at - camwhoring. I snapped the pixman cleaning out his camera lenses with shirt, I snapped Meikeng from MySpaceAngles (meaning, all angles) and of the flowers and the huge gaudy crystal ball in front of the entrance.

The next day, at the laaaaast minute, I was sent to his funeral service in St Paul's Church nearby the office. The parking was was jam-packed and worst, there's so many cops around (well, Mah was a cop in service for 35 years), it gives me the crawls. Especially when I experienced firsthand how sleazy and sonoabitch-like they can be when they evade questions from the Chinese press journalists.

Then there was a day when we went to the National Museum to cover the CNY exhibition going on there and I made a wish on the wishing pond. I don't remember my wish now; but its not about getting a boyfriend (don't want to waste a good wish), jeesh. There was a row of wishing trees. I remember I wanted to make a wish there, too. Superstitious, huh.

Faridah fall really, really ill that day and I was amazed and truth was I admired her resillence and a fair amount of stubbornness cos even in pain, she took us for lunch and made it back to the office before we finally, successfully, make her go to an emergency room. She's recovering at home now, so I hope she'll be on her legs and back in the office soon.

CNY was quiet. Spent it in KL where, you know, apart from fireworks and the occasional lion dance troupe, nothing happened. There was a lot of good food. A lot. And I ate a lot of those good food. A lot. Hooboy. I am feeling and looking fatter than usual. And yeah, it's ALL my fault. All mine.

Ang pao collection dropped. By about 50%. I couldn't recoup what I spent right before new year. Oh, before new year, I went to the Curve with Amelia for pancakes and shabu-shabu (read about her entry and feast on some photos on her blog) and some new year shopping, and I spent too much that day. The next day, I bought not one, but TWO CDs.

And Day 4 of new year was spent going to Gianne's house and an old classmate, Jacinth's. I took the KTM to Bank Negara and it was very packed and I was infuriated with this guy hogging an entire pole in the middle of the carriage. He leaned his entire upper body on it, leaving no space for other shorties (like me) to hold onto it. I insisted and he grinded his body on my hand, trying to get me to let go. What the fuck, right? How inconsiderate can he be to pole dance and then try to make people let go? I was so pissed, I told him off (very nicely in my book) and he gave me a blank look, turned around, and proceed to re-lean his upper body on the pole. Whoa, my anger level then was unbelievably high. And when he leave the train, he actually had the guts to grab his girlfriend (a nearby pole hogger/pole dancer) and said loud enough for everyone to hear: what a fierce bitch. Moi? Fierce?! For doing what 70% other Malaysians won't? By asking you to be more considerate? What's wrong with us people nowadays?!

Things like that could spoil an entire day, bah.

Okay lah, for the first time in history I stepped into Gianne's house and immediately fall in love with her dog Milo. I think it was Milo. Oy, Gianne, the small one's Milo, right? Careful, I know where you live. I'm going to abduct her one day.

Last night, on the way to Amelia's house to watch a chick flick, I was running late and was at the traffic lights at a crossroad and from my left, I saw a really old man on an equally old bicycle swaying precariously across the road and mid-way, the lights turned red for him and green for us. He was still swaying in the middle of the road! He upped his pace a little and rode to where he wanted to, only he was at the wrong side of the road after. Surprisingly, I found humour in that.

Watching chick flick with the girls is always fun and the self-videorecording after, even more so. We actually put A Whole New World on Melia's laptop, and Shwu Chenn recorded her being Aladdin (complete with turban and Superman-cape) and I was a giggly Jasmine. If that video ever ended up in YouTube? I have some ex-girlfriends to murder, I'm going to tell you in advance. But it did give us couple of hours of clean entertainment.

Maybe I will post pictures on my next entry soon. Before this turns into a boring, monotonous account on my not-very-exciting life, I bid you adieu and Happy Chinese New Year!

PS: This was what happened in the office today and Meikeng blogged about it:

pui yee and i have been trying to squeeze an angpau out of one of our favourite editors.
so we keep wishing him "gong hei fatt choy!" everytime we see him.
he will just roll his eyes and ignore us.
since today we were so wasted and bored out of our minds, it had slipped us to wish him.
so when he came around us and we were silent, he went like, "eh, why no gong hei fatt choy?"
ahahahaha...! =P
i'm sorry, i couldn't help it.

I might add, that darned ang pao is still not forthcoming.

Oh, oh, and on my first day back to the job, I received a pretty hilarious phone call. It was bright and early in the morning, I was at a loss and had to stand in and take calls and this guy from a trade council called and asked if we've received his fax on an event. I ransacked the entire events folder and found his fax and told him yes, we received it and was going to hang up. Unfortunately the guy went on to ask if we will send any reporter over and I said I'm not sure, it's up to the editor and he will only decide the night before the event. He still didn't hang up and proceeded to do the worst thing he could think of to an intern: he name dropped.

Him: Your editor's still Sai Wan?
Me: Yes
Him: We're his good friends.
Me: Ok
Him: Who is your editor today? Is it Cheng Ho?
Me: He's still on New Year leave.
Him: Oh he's my good friend too.
Me: Ok
Him: And who's your other editor? Who's in charge today?
Me: Esther
Him: Oh I know Esther too, we're good friends.
Me: Uh, ok
Him: And, that Dato ...Dato...Wong?
Me: *bored voice* Wong Chun Wai
Him: Yes! Yes him. He's our good friend too.
Me: Ok. So?
Him: Can you make sure you send a reporter to my event?
Me: I'll let the editors know, alright? *racing to hang up the phone*
Him: Are you authorised to send a reporter?
Me: Huh? No. I'm only answering phones today. I'll let them know, alright? Hang up already!
Him: I'm good friends with your paper! Make sure you send people!
Me: Will let the editors know. *yells and tears hair from scalp*

So on and so forth til I actually managed to end the call. Talk about persistence! If he's such good friends with everyone like he claimed, why don't he make personal calls to them? Jeesh.

Lil anecdotes like this make working life fun, innit!

Feb 27
Time: 11:47

'Fetched' from Meikeng's blog:

he has finally given in!
after all the enthusiastic "gong hei fatt choy!" wishes everytime our fav editor steps into our radar, pui yee and i have finally triumphed!
today, after saying it again with a wide, cheeky grin, he sighed and said, "haiyah, oklah oklah... everyone go to the mamak, it's on me."
pui yee, kenneth, aizat, "fresh meat" ivan and i cheered in sheer joy!
lam has submitted to our wishes! *insert evil laughter*
and so, my breakfast of a warm cup of teh tarik and mee goreng was courtesy of my funny and lovable editor and i thank him for it.
his parting words from the mamak?
"this batch of interns ah..terrible one!"
pui yee...cepat, next victim!

Pui Yee says: Cheng Hoe! SheN Li!

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