Friday, March 23, 2007

my dad the MSN chatter

17 Sep 2006
Time: 15:43

Uhm. When your dad is on your MSN Messenger contact list, and he chats with you there, do you feel weirded out?

So he lives in a whole other country and can connect from work. Which is fine.

But when he starts chatting exactly like the local guys that repulsed me from ever talking with them longer than 3 sentences, what do you do?

"Hi hi"
" ----insert MSN smiley---- "
"You there?"
"88 lo! Ni ni!"

Walao, damn tu lan betul, as they'll say.

It made me think where he pick up this habit of chatting like a Chinese-educated, not-so-good-command-of-English teenager...teenager.

Made me wonder who are the rest of the people making up his company email contact list...

Made me wanna ask, "Dad, you mind talking more like, uhm, normal? Even if this is cyber space?"

Weird leh!

He asked me before why did I put "Screw you, fucker!" on my MSN Personal Message.

Now I have to think twice before putting a message like "I'm so lonely. I need ---"

*Makes a "uhhhhh...uhmmm" face*

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