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Shogun Buffet

16 Jan 2006
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Must admit, was going through a seriously bad period. Hope the storm's clearing up, cos it was my turn to be angered, and still continue to feel a little hostile. Let time do its thing, yeah, and remember what I saw and what people do was my own doing anyway. Ripple effect.
Not that it don't reduce the betrayal of the fact, or the unfairness and lopsidedness...

You must see, I do not say things intentionally to hurt, or be mean, not to my friends. And I may have been, yes, calculative, don't mean I've taken for granted. I prefer to keep quiet and non-confrontational, but perhaps, my tongue run away with me, I talked too much and I become mean unintentionally. And I do things unthinkingly, but not purposely. If I had hurt, I'm sorry. But I got hurt in the process, too.

Friendship is not about getting even, and I am not going to do that. But without tears along with the laughter, there is no friendship. All I dare to ask right now is more understanding. And I will give more consideration and appreciation, and a lot more heart into this commitment. Know that I don't mean to, or have even put this friendship off my priority, but I had spent so much time over a job I've fallen in love with and it is my life, my me there and then. I had lived, ate, slept and talked it, literally. But hey, after all this years, I had never thought about such issue being the cut off or the end of something that had been so beautiful, that had meant so much, so much to me, that I had been so hurt that it was so easy to say such. To me, it would take something much more bigger and terrible, for me to end this. I have faith and trust it is the same vice versa.

Let's renew this commitment, together-gether, yeah?


The new semester has started Jan 3rd and already Week 2 of Week 16 is over. How quickly time passes. January 2006 had been the worst January of my life. Bah. BUT,

Bonus: I have Mondays off!
Boo: I have 8am classes THREE (3) times a week.

Bonus: No Saturday classes!
Boo: 5pm end of classes THREE (3) times a week.

Bonus: I am taking only 5 units!
Boo: Still going through the morning AND evening jam of LDP and Jalan Damansara.

Bonus: Intelligent, witty Mass Comm & Society tutor!
Boo: No offense Mr Ben, but, BORING Mass Comm & Society lecturer.

Bonus: Intelligent, witty Mass Comm & Society tutor!
Boo: But, he is sharp tongued and down right mean, too. Said things like shut up, and rubbish, and uneducated students.

Bonus: Cafeteria opened with mixed rice and wide variety of other food.
Boo: More expensive than outside.

Will think of some for next time. Meanwhile, assignments and presentations piling up. Am fearing a little. Plus the president's list thing gave me horrendous pressure to perform well. Lucky no scholarships to put on even more pressure. Erk, do I perform under fear? I sure HOPE SO.

Heh, I am going to show you my new handphone, bought on New Year's Eve, taken with, ironically, my webcam:

Image hosted by
Brand new Sony Ericsson k700i! Loving it, loving it! It has got everything I wanted, suffice to say, and bought with my own paycheck. Damn, I am so proud.

And this is panoramic photos of my bedroom:
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Cool, huh.

And my uncle treated us to a buffet in Shogun, in 1 Utama, brand new place, saw the thing renovating. And...oh my God! I'm never going there for a long, long time, because, the wide array of food was spectacular, but it was...TOO much, TOO colorful! I ate and I ate, and I ate...and...I left around 9pm and it's now 1.30am and I'm still FULL. Egad!

Image hosted by

This is the tempura section, and I forgot to take pictures when we're just starting with a huge plate we're sharing, too busy eating! I saw the variety of tempura and I was in heaven aaah. Love tempura. LOVE tempura.

Image hosted by

What's left of unagi and pickled squid

Image hosted by

Teppanyaki shitake mushrooms and abalone mushrooms and the long long, golden mushrooms and salmon and onions and cabbage. It's a pick-and-fry-what-you-want. I like very much. They have teppanyaki lamb, and beef and seafood..and...and...

Image hosted by

Sushi like you've never seen it! Variety variety, colors textures...

Image hosted by

And what's left of it towards the end of the evening.

Image hosted by

Loads of salmon and taro and raw stuff

Image hosted by

And endamame, which is nutty and crunchy and good fer washing off tastes from yer mouth.

Image hosted by

Ice cream...

Image hosted by

...and what's left.

They have some Jap pastry and konnyaku and damned wide variety of soups, and other dishes like grilled fish and mussels and chicken and toofuus and kimchi and pickled stuff and salads and noodles and cali/unagi/god-knows-what rolls made afresh and I didn't even bite into everything and I was very happy....very happy...*burp*....*hic!*

But it was all too much. *moans* Go there. Worth your RM43.

yook hwa made this comment,
yum! now u're making me hungry. i'm starving, in fact. anyway, nice room, cosy
btw, only saw ur tag for me days ago. im gonna attempt it today, while trying to stave off hunger pangs ;)

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