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sunway lagoon

5 Nov 2006
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Two days ago i.e. on Thursday, 6 of us went to Sunway Lagoon. We were Darlene, Meikeng, Jenna, Wai Jee, Wen Xin and me.

It was fun and all that.

Almost exactly the same as it was when I was first there 7 years ago, except slight differences in the attractions. The place seemed smaller than I remembered. But it was essentially the same.

Me am the klutz as usual. Sigh. Nothing but trouble for my friends.

I gatal la, bring along my sunglasses. It was pretty useful actually at first. Especially at the dry park.

Til we reach wet park, jumped into the river when I took it off, put it on top of my head, and then got it knocked off by the cascading water. I dived in to look. My friends dived in to look. We borrowed goggles from a lifeguard. We peered through our clear tubes.

When I dived, I must've hit my feet onto the manmade rocks on the edge or the rough edges where the tiles came loose. I knew I cut my toes a little. But I ignored it. Aiya, don't wanna trouble my friends more, right.

But actually it stings like shit and when we reach the "shore" I lifted my feet out of water and blood start dripping. I hobbled over to the cafe nearby, leaving bloody footprints and asked from the reluctant waitress for tissue paper. I think I freak some of those lifeguards out cos they practically run over when they see blood all over my feet.

I'm a klutz. But first time I ended up in a First Aid Room. =(
And I thank all those Sunway Lagoon staff. They're really, really nice. The medic bandaged my toes well. And okayed me back into the water. Hahah.
Thank you, guys.
And thank you to my friends too.

But. Sigh. I miss my old faithful Virus shades. It's just an ordinary inexpensive RM150 shades, but it's been with me everywhere. Penang, China, Singapore. All those driving and walking in the sun. It hangs about my neck just so when I don't need it. It's tough and withstood many being crushed by my bag and even being sat on. Its reflection is mirror-clear. And 2 years on, barely a scratch, for which I'm very proud of.

But I can't drive without sunglasses so I went ahead and got another one today. My brother commented it looked just like the old one. But it's not quite the same la. Feels different. Looser too, can't use it as a hairband or put around my neck without risking it flying off.

But eh, it's Speedo, cost me RM200 and better be good for me for at least another 2-3 years.

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Owh well. At least I had a great day at the park. With my friends and having fun.

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