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18 Dec 2006
Time: 02:02

This entry is just to inform you I won't be blogging anymore that I'm still alive and kicking.

Semester break has begun and exams' over. I was late 30 minutes for my Moral paper which has never happened to me at all in my life (being late for exam, that is).

Feature writing tutorials rawk. I got sent to The Star for industrial training and currently awaiting my non-arriving offer letter.

Meanwhile I'm at home on my non-addictive chat client being bored and pissed with everyone. Oh. I cut my hair last week and went Xmas shopping with Amelia and Shwu Chenn in Midvalley. I'll require work clothes too. I'm broke. Can you donate money? I want money.

Going to Singapore on the 22nd til 26th, bought bus ticket, this time from Puduraya, and watched The Red Kebaya.

I'll nitpick three things:
The Red Kebaya is the title of the movie. Yet they did not develop the storyline based on it. It's not even symbolic enough to be titled as such.

If in the end the 2 men say they're happy to meet an old friend, then that friendship is horrendously underdeveloped. Nobody know where the Chinese boy came from, where he lived, whose child he is.

Dialogue was rehearsed and cliched - especially the cameraman's secretary. Its fine for a book, but not for a movie. And the two murderers who became druggies? CHEESY.

But all in all?
Support our local movie industry :)

Watched Eragon too. If you can mislook the LOTR-feelalike parts, I actually have not much complaints...because I never read the novel nor had any expectations.

And fook, Eragon has abs.

Oh yeah, be forewarned, Emo-PY is on the loose again. Will try Self-restraint, but do bear with me.

Sportsnut218 made this comment,
You really should blog more often ;) They're fun to read your thoughts on stuff.

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