Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What if...?

29 Jul 2005
Time: 23:53

What if...
the star's shining
But I'm blinded?

What if...
the rainbow's dancing
But I'm looking the other way?

What if...
the song's playing
But I'm deaf to it?

What if...
the reel's moving
But I'm not looking?

What if...
opportunity's knocking
But I'm too scared?

What if...
nothing is stopping me
But myself?

What if...
I never know love
Because I thought I don't deserve?

What if...
you're here
But do not know it?

What if...
we're to share the stars together
And you help me look?

What if...
you point the rainbow
And dance together with it?

What if...
you sing to me a song
And teach me how to sing, too?

What if...
you show me much more than that
More that I now know?

What if...
you're a dreamer
And I dream along?

What if...
What if.

Okay. That was a lousy attempt. Need to get in touch with my long-lost poetic side.

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